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Calls for Tenders related to the Directorate-General for Research

Researchers study 01: study on mobility patterns and career paths of EU researchers

A Corrigendum for this call for tenders has been published

Date and Reference of publication in OJ: 17 March 2008 Ref. 2008/S 53-071348
(Corrigendum on 12 April 2008 ref. 2008/S 72-096243 )

Deadline: 06 May 2008 16:00 (After corrigendum)

We are sorry but, as mentioned in the contract notice published in OJ dated 12/03/2008 - Ref. 2008/S 53-071348, the deadline for requesting the documentation in relation to the present call for tenders was 24/04/2008.

Please note that all "Questions and Answers" in relation to this call for tender will be published on this website which will be updated regularly. The "Questions and Answers" form part of the call and should therefore be consulted regularly by any person interested in participating in the call. A form is available to submit questions concerning this call.

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(Updated: 09-04-2008)