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Consultation on Horizon 2020 Science with and for Society Work Programme 2016-2017
Policy field(s)
Research and Innovation
Target group(s)
All citizens and organisations are welcome to contribute to this consultation. Contributions are particularly sought from research institutions, civil society organisations, business, policy makers, higher education institutions, science museums, science shops, scientific centres of excellence, local public authorities, cities of scientific culture, innovators and entrepreneurs.
Period of consultation
From 11.07.2014 to 12.10.2014
Objective of the consultation

The objective of the Part V of Horizon 2020 'Science with and for Society' is: "to build effective cooperation between science and society, to recruit new talent for science, and to pair scientific excellence with social awareness and responsibility". To that end, it indicates that the focus will be on the following 8 specific activities:

a) make scientific and technological careers attractive to young students, and foster sustainable interaction between schools, research institutions, industry and civil society organisations;

b) promote gender equality, in particular by supporting structural changes inĀ  research institutions and in the content and design of research activities;

c) integrate society in science and innovation issues, policies and activities by incorporating the needs and values of citizens, thereby increasing the quality, relevance, social acceptability and sustainability of research and innovation outcomes in various fields of activity, from social innovation to areas such as biotechnology and nanotechnology, etc.

d) encourage citizens, including children and youth, to engage in science through formal and informal science education, and promote the diffusion of science-based activities, namely in science centres and through other appropriate channels;

e) develop the accessibility and the (re-)use of the results of publicly-funded research;

f) develop the governance for the advancement of responsible research and innovation by all stakeholders (researchers, public authorities, industry and civil society organisations), which is sensitive to the needs and demands of society, and promote an ethics framework for research and innovation;

g) take due and proportional precautions in research and innovation activities by anticipating and assessing potential environmental, health and safety impacts;

h) improve knowledge on science communication in order to enhance the quality and effectiveness of interactions between scientists, general media and the public.

The aim of this consultation is to obtain views and contributions from a broad constituency on the potential priorities for the 'Science with and For Society' work programme part covering the period 2016-2017. These contributions will complement the opinion provided by an External Advisory Group of high level experts set up by the Commission according to article 12 of Regulation (EU) No 1291/2013 establishing Horizon 2020. The present consultation is structured around a set of questions, which take into account the policy thrust and general framework set by Europe 2020, Innovation Union and the European Research Area, and builds upon the Science with and for Society part of the Horizon 2020 Work Programme 2014-2015.

How to submit your contribution

The Public Consultation is now closed. All contributions have been submitted through an on-line questionnaire with deadline 12 October 2014.
The contributions have been published on Internet (please see below).

View the questionnaire

For your information you can preview/print a PDF version of the online questionnaire ( 114 KB).

Reference documents

More detailed information about the Public Consultation can be found in the consultation paper ( 306 KB)

Contact details

Directorate-General for Research and Innovation, Unit B7, Science with and for Society


Postal addresses:

European Commission
DG Research & Innovation - Unit B7
Science with and for Society
B-1049 Brussels

Number of responses received to this consultation

DG Research & Innovation received 170 contributions: 72 were from individuals while 98 responded on behalf of their organisation. Contributions are published in the file below (see View the contributions) under the names of their authors (or their organisations) or anonymously. 11 asked for their contribution not to be published and therefore this content will not be taken into account by the European Commission, in accordance with the Specific Privacy Statement for this consultation. A translation is provided for the replies that are not in English.

View the contributions

Here are all the contributions ( 460 KB) excluding the participants who have decided not to have their contribution published.

Because this is "raw data" it is a PDF of a rather wide spreadsheet. To view it, you will need to open it in a PDF reader such as Adobe reader and zoom in to at least 600%. (The PDF reader built in to your browser might not display it correctly.)

Results of consultation and next steps

The contributions have been analysed by the European Commission (EC) and were submitted to the External Advisory Group of high-level experts set up by the EC for the preparation of the "Science with and for Society" work programme 2016-2017. The summary report on the consultation including a complete analysis of the replies is accessible here ( 790 KB). The Work Programme 2016-2017 was adopted by the European Commission on 13 October 2015.