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Open dialogue involving the European Commission, stakeholders and interested parties helps ensure that rules and regulatory proposals keep pace with reality of rapid change. This dialogue helps to achieve the regulatory efficiency we need to foster economic dynamism, enhance social security, and maintain a healthy environment.

We hope that businesses, consumers and citizens will use the available tools wherever possible, to help us to respond faster and more accurately to their views and requests.

This page provides an access point to consultations that help shape the European Research Area.


List of Consultations

To make your voice heard in Europe, take a look at the list of consultations - and then take part.


Better regulation: why and how

The better regulation agenda is about designing and evaluating EU policies and laws transparently, with evidence, and backed up by the views of citizens and stakeholders. It covers all policy areas and aims for targeted regulation that goes no further than required, in order to achieve objectives and bring benefits at minimum cost.


Contribute to law-making

The Commission wants to hear your views and reflect them in its decisions when it makes and updates EU laws. This is an important goal of the better regulation agenda. There are various opportunities to contribute to EU law-making as it evolves – from the preparation phase through to proposals for new laws and evaluations of how existing laws are performing.