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Fulvio Esposito

Fulvio Esposito
Session 1.1

Fulvio Esposito

Born in Viareggio (Italy) in 1951, full professor of Parasitology at Camerino University (UNICAM) since 1987, Fulvio Esposito developed his scientific background in Pisa University and Scuola Normale Superiore, where he obtained his MSc and PhD in Biology, respectively. His scientific contributions on various aspects of malaria include immunology and immunotechniques, epidemiology and control, parasitology, entomology. The results he obtained with insecticide-treated netting on child mortality prompted the World Health Organization to adopt and promote this malaria control strategy in endemic countries, particularly in Africa.

Dean of the Faculty of Science & Technology from 1998, in 2004 was elected Rector of UNICAM and re-elected for a second mandate (2008-12) in 2007.

His collaboration with the EC is mainly focused on “Reseachers” (e.g. the European Charter for Researchers, the European Partnership for Researchers) and Research. He represents Italy in the ‘Steering Group on Human Resources and Mobility’, and in the ‘High level group on Joint Programming of European Research (GPC)’.

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