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European Forum on Science Journalism: Barcelona, 3-4 December

How to strengthen science coverage in the European press? How to convince editors to run science stories? How to assess the trustworthiness of scientific research? How to explain science in an understandable fashion? How to stimulate public interest in science news? These are among the key questions addressed at the first European Forum on Science Journalism, taking place in Barcelona on 3-4 December 2007.

Leading science journalists and editors of national newspapers and specialised science publications from across Europe and the world meet in Barcelona to discuss the challenges in reporting on science, the impact of new technologies on the profession and importance of linking science to society and everyday life together with leading scientists and top science communication professionals from across Europe, the US, Canada, China and Australia .

Let's talk about Science in the Media!

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Special Eurobarometer on scientific research in the media. What are the opinions of Europeancitizens on the media, when it comes to science and research?

During spring 2007, the European Commission undertook a public opinion survey (Eurobarometer) to find out what Europeans think about the reporting of scientific research in the media. The survey was carried out in the 27 EU Member States, interviewing approximately 27 000 people.

What is the level of public interest in scientific research? Which information sources do European citizens prefer to use to find out about science and research? How satisfied is the public with the way science and research is communicated in the different media: written, audiovisual, new media? What do citizens think about the quality and quantity of information on science and research available in the media?

The results of this study present the main trends in public perception on all these questions and others. They show, for example, that scientific research is a topic in which the clear majority of Europeans take an interest, and reveal that many citizens show a clear preference for having scientific information presented by scientists themselves!

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Summary of the report:
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Two special surveys of European scientists and media professionals, helping identify key issues impacting the coverage of scientific information, and the professional challenges of science journalism across Europe:

European Research in the Media: the Researcher's point of view.
A qualitative survey of European researchers showing what are the views and perceptions of European researchers on how European research is portrayed by the media in Europe .
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European Research in the Media: what do Media Professionals think?
A survey of European media professionals on how European research is presented and covered in and by the media.
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Executive summary of the two above mentioned reports
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European Guide to Science Journalism Training, giving, for the first time, a full picture of training opportunities for science journalists across Europe
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Overview of Science Reporting in the EU, highlighting key trends in scientific media in Europe.
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