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What is the origin of the Universe?
Is the Universe finite? Could we fall into a black hole?
Will time travel ever be possible?


The Solvay Conference opens its doors to the public!

Indeed, a half-day public event will follow the 23rd Solvay Conference in Physics which will take place in Brussels from 1 to 3 December.

During this afternoon, you will have the possibility to follow the talks given by the famous scientists Robbert Dijkgraaf and Brian Greene on major topics in physics, to meet the Nobel Prize laureates David Gross (2004) and Gerard ít Hooft (1999) as well as other participants in the 2005 Solvay Conference, and to ask them your questions about the Universe.

* Registration

Pre-registration is now closed as 900 participants have registered for the conference. Please note that we cannot guarantee that people who did not register will have access to the conference rooms on Sunday 4 December. However, the scientists' speeches and the publicís contributions will be broadcast on the conference web site.

You may also send us your questions about the Universe.

If your question is selected, you will have the possibility to personally address the panel of scientists chaired by David Gross.

Should you wish to raise a question, please fill in the form.

* Contest "one day journalist" for secondary school students.

In addition to sending their questions, secondary school students are also invited to become "one day journalists". They are encouraged to send us their report of the conference , and the best ones will be published.


* Who?

Anyone can attend the conference and raise questions. Access is free. The contest "one day journalist" is open to secondary school students.

Simultaneous translation of the conference will be provided in French, Dutch, English and German.

* Where?

In the "Charlemagne" building of the European Commission Rue de la Loi, 170 - 1040 Brussels.


* When?

Sunday 4 December 2005 at 14.00. Please note that the conference rooms will open at 12.30, allowing registration of the "early birds", who will be rewarded by a "welcome coffee". Please note that only the 700 first comers will have access to the main room where the scientists will be seating. Other participants will have a seat in other rooms, fully equipped with a wide screen and simultaneous translation.

* Programme

We also draw your attention to the fact that the scientistsí speeches and the publicís contributions will be broadcast on the conference web site

Please note that no block booking is possible: everyone should register, even if you do not send a question. Those who have asked a question also need to fill in the registration form.

Please click on the form to register.


For any further information on this event please send an e-mail to

This event is jointly organised by the Solvay Institutes and the European Commission.