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Summit III
EO Summit III
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Arrow  The Brussels Earth Observation Summit, scheduled to take place on 16 February 2005, is the third in the series, following the Washington EO Summit in July 2003 and the Tokyo Summit of April 2004. The event takes place within the context of Earth & Space Week, a major EU-ESA sponsored event comprising nine days of public exhibitions and activities, showcasing EO and Space.

In Brussels, ministers from around the world are expected to endorse the Group on Earth Observations’ much-anticipated 10-year Implementation Plan for the creation of a ‘Global Earth Observation System of Systems’ (GEOSS).

According to EC Research Director-General and GEO Co-Chair Achilleas Mitsos, preparation of the Implementation Plan meant sticking to a tight schedule. Based on its ‘Framework Document’, the GEO started work on the plan less than a year ago, in early 2004, prior to the second Earth Observation Summit in Tokyo.

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