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Logo Third Earth Observation Summit
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EOS-I Declaration
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Arrow  The Summit Declaration, signed by the participants of EO Summit I in July 2003, recalls the World Summit on Sustainable Development held in Johannesburg as well as the Evian G-8 Summit, both of which called for strengthened international co-operation on global observation of the environment.

The Declaration affirms support for:

  • Improved coordination of EO strategies and research, with a view to moving toward a comprehensive and sustained EO system or systems;
  • Coordinated effort to involve and assist developing countries in improving and sustaining their contributions to observing systems, as well as their access to, and effective utilisation of, data and products;
  • Full and open exchange of data from ground, air and satellite networks; and
  • Preparation of a framework and a ten-year implementation plan, building on existing systems and initiatives, with the framework to be presented at the Tokyo EO ministerial conference in the second quarter of 2004, and the plan to be available at the ministerial conference to be hosted by the European Union during the fourth quarter of 2004.

Summit Declaration: full text

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