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Logo International Conference on Co-operation in Space
Planet Earth © Nasa
17-18 February 2005

Winning through co-operation: sharing the benefits of space
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Arrow  An International Conference on co-operation in Space will take place on 17-18 February 2005, in Brussels.

  Space provides a source of unique and essential tools, enabling governments and international bodies to tackle critical social and political issues.

International co-operation has been of primary importance in reaching this position. Its beneficial impact can be seen in scientific research, the development of new applications and the introduction of operational systems.

The ‘Winning through co-operation: sharing the benefits of space’ conference is aimed at providing a forum for both established and emerging space players, as well as other interested parties, to exchange views on international co-operation and to discuss models for increasing collaboration in all space-related fields.

The Conference takes place within the context of Earth & Space Week, a major EU-ESA sponsored event comprising nine days of public exhibitions and events, showcasing Earth Observation (EO) and Space activities. The Conference will follow the Third Earth Observation Summit, planned for 16 February 2004.

Over 50 countries and 30 international organisations have been invited to send delegations to the conference.

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