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CONFERENCE  - THE EUROPE OF KNOWLEDGE 2020 -   25-28 April 2004 | Liège Convention Centre, Belgium
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CONFERENCE  - THE EUROPE OF KNOWLEDGE 2020 -   25-28 April 2004 | Liège Convention Centre, Belgium

Useful links

Interesting websites to help understand the universities challenges and the Europe context.

European Research Area (ERA)

The role of universities in ERA

European Research Advisory Board

The Bologna process: towards the European higher education area, Bergen, 19-20 May 2005
A summit to take stock of the progress of the Bologna Process since the Berlin meeting in September 2003 and to set directions for the further development towards the European Higher Education Area to be realised by 2010.

Science and Society in the European Union

Science and society in FP6

News on science and society in the EU

Knowledge Society, a website of Employment and Social affairs DG

6th Framework Programme

Marie Curie Actions

European Researcher’s Mobility Portal

Researchers in the European Research Area: One Profession, Multiple Careers, 18 July 2003.  Communication from the Commission to the Council and the European Parliament

Council Resolution on the profession and the career of researchers within
the European Research Area (ERA)
- PDF: 145 kb

'Brain Drain - Emigration Flows for Qualified Scientists' - PDF: 291 kb (executive summary)
The big issue concerned data analysis and policy implications following a study on the mobility of qualified scientists, prepared by MERIT, the University of Maastricht. Empirical evidence has been collected for a number of EU-15 Member States and Central and Eastern European countries. The study has concluded that access to scientific equipment and technology is one of the main factors influencing researcher mobility and, as a consequence, brain drain.

Third European Report on Science & Technology Indicators 2003

European University Association (EUA)

Euroscience Open Forum 2004 (ESOF)
ESOF brings together scientists from all fields and people interested in science and technology, from all over Europe. The participants are academics, policy makers, politicians and representatives from media and the science based industries.

The Géant Network, a pan-European data communications network, reserved specifically for research and education use

LERU: The "League of European Research Universities" is a group of European research-intensive universities committed to the values of high quality teaching within an environment of internationally competitive research.

Reform of education: the Commission sees the bottle half empty, the Council half full
While the Commission aims to highlight the shortcomings in the reforms towards making education and training systems more efficient, the Council wants to emphasise the progress made so far in the report they will jointly present to the Spring European Council.

The Scité network
An initiative of Belgian French-speaking universities and Wallonia to promote the dissemination of science in schools and among the general public.

An initiative of the University of Liège to promote sciences. Visit the exhibition Le printemps des sciences 2004 (Sciences spring 2004)