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CONFERENCE  - THE EUROPE OF KNOWLEDGE 2020 -  A vision for University- based Research and Innovation - 25-28 April 2004 | Liège Convention Centre, Belgium
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Last update : 29/06/2005

Conference follow-up

Forum on University-based Research, September 2004 - April 2005
Seminar "Securing the future of Europe’s universities: consolidating Europe’s research base", 3 March 2005

University heads, researchers, industrialists, policy makers and representatives from civil society at large, met in Liège, Belgium, 25-28 April 2004.

Universities and in particular their research activities have a critical role to play in the Europe of knowledge.

Exploring the issues raised by the Commission's communication published in February 2003 on "The role of universities in the Europe of knowledge", the conference addressed themes such as :

equation on board
  • the creation and certification of knowledge
  • the changing nature of research training
  • public/private partnerships
  • the role of university for research in the regions
  • the challenge of inter-disciplinary research

After the conference

The report by the Forum on University-based Research, "European Universities - Enhancing Europe's Research Base", is available in English.

Proceedings of the conference: full report (PDF icon - 485kb)

Videos: If you were not there, or if you want to tape a session again.

Speakers contributions: Presentations, by subject or by speaker.

Parallel seminars: Two seminars of related interest took place on the conference premises, on Sciences dissemination and Science shops and universities. Most papers from the speakers are available to download: Sciences dissemination , Science shops and universities.

The vision that led to “The Europe of Knowledge 2020”

The event stems from the Communication on “The Role of Universities in the Europe of Knowledge”, which covers two aspects: education and research. The first aspect, education, was addressed in the Berlin Conference in September 2003, where the Ministers clearly acknowledged the necessity "to go beyond the two main cycle of higher education and to include the doctoral level as the third cycle in the Bologna process”. The conference in Liège focuses more on the research aspects.