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Conference - Increasing Human Resources or Science and Technology in Europe - April 2nd  2004 – Brussels, Belgium
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Remit of the High Level Group “Increasing Human Resources for Science and Technology”

The objective of the High Level Group is to identify specific actions or policy measures that can be initiated to make a substantive contribution towards increasing the number of research personnel (in particular) and science and technology professionals (in general) in Europe:

  • Actions that can be directly implemented through the mechanisms of the Sixth Framework Programme notably within the context of the specific programme on Structuring the European Research Area.
  • Actions to be pursued at national or international levels by other mechanisms.

The High Level Group will consider the extent to which the following issues should be taken into consideration in formulating their recommendations:

  • Implementation of policy measures aimed at the employment of researchers and science and technology professionals; general trends in employment and qualifications in Europe.
  • Barriers to mobility within the research and science professions; professional status of researchers and science and technology professionals; sustainable recruitment.
  • Measures aimed at increasing the attractiveness of Europe for science students as well as for scientists and engineers from the rest of the world.
  • National, regional, cultural and gender issues as well as the need to foster enhanced social cohesion and to promote integration of minority communities across Europe.
  • The development of popular ideas about science; general perceptions; the role of the media; the position of science in society.
  • The role of campaigns, initiatives, organisation and actors or organisations aimed at raising awareness and promoting science (science centres and museums); systems of informal education.
  • Science teaching in schools; the appropriateness of curricula (content, context, creativity); the teaching environment; support measures and training; mentorship and ambassador schemes; links between schools and science professionals; evolution and objectives of science education policies.
  • Young people’s knowledge of careers in science; factors that influence choice; level of support and career guidance; access to and knowledge (and perceptions) of role models.
  • The role that science courses at university level play in preparing assimilation into science careers and research, and in contributing towards citizenship and broadening individual perspectives and aspirations.
  • Support to research students in terms of: active supervision; mentoring; exposure to the science community; exposure to job opportunities.

Timetable for consultation process and reporting
Consultation process July-October 03
Working document November 03
International Workshop 1-2 December 03
Meeting with ministerial nominees 2 February 04
Conference paper to the Commission March 04
International Conference 2 April 04
Final report May-June 04

Composition of the High Level Group
José Mariano Gago (Chairman)
John Ziman (rapporteur)
Paul Caro
Costas Constantinou
Graham Davies
Ilka Parchmann
Miia Rannikmäe
Svein Sjøberg