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Conference - Increasing Human Resources or Science and Technology in Europe - April 2nd  2004 – Brussels, Belgium
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The High Level Group on Increasing Human Resources for Science and Technology was set up in May 2003 by Philippe Busquin, Commissioner for Research.

The group is chaired by Professor José Mariano Gago, former Portuguese minister of science and technology, and comprises members from across Europe.
Its aim is to identify specific actions and policy measures to increasing the number of research personnel and science and technology professionals in Europe, in line with the 3% "Barcelona declaration".

The first step towards this aim has been a wide consultation process launched in July 2003 involving nearly 300 key European institutions that have a stake in the use and development of science skills.

The second step was a workshop that took place on 1-2 December 2003 with the participation of 32 European experts.

In support of the High Level Group, Commissioner Busquin has written to research ministries across Europe (Member States and accession countries as well as the associated non-candidate countries) to ascertain how they are responding to the Barcelona 3% objective in terms of actions for increasing human resources in science and technology.

The representatives of each European country met the High Level Group on 2 February 2004 to discuss national policies and programmes or actions which have already been taken or are now under preparation. The outcome of this meeting will be reflected in the final report of the High Level Group.

Remit of the High Level Group “Increasing Human Resources for Science and Technology”