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Communicating European Research - What's in it for you?

International conference

Brussels, Charlemagne Building
- 11 & 12 May 2004 -


Press corner

Press Corner

CER2004 - View from the press conference


Project summaries and speakers' presentations

11 May - Conference
“European research and the media”
Charlemagne Building, Room S3

Speaker Presentation
Han Dolman, Vrije Universiteit, NL Fuelling interest and excitement in EU research: the CarboEurope experience. (PDF 446kB)
Jens König, Airbus Deutschland, DE
Bridging the gap from maturity to deployment – communicating the AWIATOR project. (PDF 1083kB)
Sam Luke, Mouchel Parkman, UK
Plastic highway bridge for Europe – a reality (Project ASSET). (PDF 1062kB )
Andreas Trepte, Max Planck Society for the Advancement of Science, DE Communicating cutting-edge research: the experience of the Max Planck Society. (PDF 272kB)
Richard West, European Space Observatory, EUR
Astronomy: password to science. (PDF 964kB)
Andrew Moore, European Molecular Biology Organisation, EUR From genomes to molecular machines: communicating life sciences in Europe. (PDF 444kB)
Lara Ricci, Il Sole24Ore, IT Science reporting in the economic and financial press. (PDF 1555kB)
Sean Duke, Science Spin, IE
Spinning science for tech readers.
Damian Carrington, New Scientist Digital, UK How the Web puts the World-Wide into science journalism. (PDF 301kB)
Jean Lopez, Science et Vie Junior, FR “Faire rêver et donner à comprendre”: bringing young audiences to science.
Deborah Cohen, BBC World Service, UK Science, scientists and the spoken word. (PDF 323kB)
Sárka Speváková, Herafilm Science Media, CZ Science television in the new EU Member States: challenges & opportunities. (PDF 377kB)
Pierre-Oscar Levy, Science TV Director and Editor, FR Making complexity understandable: a key challenge for the science film director.
Peter Green, AlphaGalileo, UK Presenting European research excellence to the world. (PDF 543kB)
Willy De Backer and Angelika Pullen,, BE policy monitoring via the Internet for EU actors. (PDF 859kB)
Varsha Nagda, Research TV, UK
The TV dimension: helping research organisations achieve global exposure. (PDF 457kB)
Patrick Vittet-Philippe, European Commission AthenaWeb: a professional science information portal for the European research and audiovisual communities. (PDF 813kB)
David Irons, AScribe, USA Building an international newswire for research news: a US perspective. (PDF 60kB)
Michel Claessens, Head of Unit (acting) - Information and communication, DG Research Communicating European research: a European challenge. (PDF 1592kB)
Walter Staveloz, The European Collaborative for Science, Industry and Technology Exhibitions (ECSITE), EUR
Engaging new communities: science centres, an ideal meeting place for research and citizens. (PDF 642kB)
Declan Butler, Nature, UK Towards a European Area for science communication. (PDF 457kB)
Steve Miller, European Network of Science Communication Teachers (ENSCOT), EUR Preparing scientists for dialogue and debate. (PDF 112kB)
Emmanuel Laurent, Association Science et Télévision, FR Turning “producers of science” into “science TV producers”: a hands-on approach.
Martin Schneider, ARD, DE
How to sell science & research to a large and “spoiled” audience. (PDF 81kB)
Hans Peter Peters, Jülich Research Centre, DE Information vs. entertainment: quality matters! (PDF 219kB)

12 May - Media Briefings
Integrated Projects & Networks of Excellence
Charlemagne Building, Room S3

Download a brief overview of the 18 presented projects (PDF 215kB)

Project Online Press Kit
MOLTOOLS Integrated Project Presentation (PDF 1203kB)
Project summary (PDF 73kB)
TRANS-BIG Network of Excellence
Presentation (PDF 1301kB)
Project summary (PDF 104kB)
SEAFOODPLUS Integrated Project
Presentation (PDF 1467kB)
Project summary (PDF 251 kB
GA²LEN Network of Excellence Presentation (PDF 1048kB)
Project summary (PDF 668 kB)
CARBOEUROPE Integrated Project
Presentation (PDF 1109kB)
Project summary (PDF 130 kB)
FLOODsite Integrated Project Presentation (PDF 1708kB)
Project summary (PDF 150 Kb)
NANO2LIFE Network of Excellence Presentation (PDF 2756kB)
Project summary (PDF 1000kB)
KMM-NoE Network of Excellence
Presentation (PDF 1618kB)
Project summary (PDF 133kB)
STORHY Integrated Project Presentation (PDF 4318kB)
Project summary (PDF 238 kB)
NOE-BIOENERGY Network of Excellence Presentation (PDF 2123kB)
Project summary (PDF 258 kB)
ECOTARGET Integrated Project Presentation (PDF 2299kB)
Project summary (PDF 314 kB)
SUSTAINPACK Integrated Project Presentation (PDF 1201kB)
Project summary (PDF 209 kB)
GMOSS Network of Excellence Presentation (PDF 2299kB)
Project summary (PDF 145kB)
SAFEE Integrated Project Presentation (PDF 373kB)
Project summary (PDF 184kB)
MODTRAIN Integrated Project Presentation (PDF 830kB)
Project summary (PDF 242kB)
HYTRAN Integrated Project
Presentation (PDF 1903kB)
Project summary (PDF 178kB)
IMISCOE Integrated Project Presentation (PDF 459kB)
Project summary (PDF 158 kB)
CONNEX Network of Excellence Presentation (PDF 716kB)
Project summary (PDF 125 kB)