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Conference - Towards sustainable agriculture for developing countries: options from life sciences and biotechnologies
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Interesting websites to help understand the sustainable agriculture in developing countries

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  Background information sources  
Agora 21 French language website which explains the rationale of sustainable development through various aspects (science and research, environment, social development, economy, education, production and consumption, agriculture, etc.). FR
Agrifor AgriFor is a gateway to resources in agriculture, food and forestry, plants and natural resources, etc. It gives access to a wide range of information on a variety of subjects: law, markets and products, organisations, education, training, publications, research and research centres, useful links, etc. EN
Bio web Swiss website maintained by the Swiss National Science Foundation. It keeps people informed about the latest news on biotechnology; its information is based on the BICS and BATS centres of the Swiss National Science Foundation. DE, EN, FR, but not for all documents
EARD-Infosys The European web resources on Agricultural Research for Development (EARD-Infosys) is a portal supported by the European Commission allows people to access European web resources in all areas of research for development in agriculture, environment and many other related fields. EN
CIRAD French scientific organisation specialising in tropical agronomy. You will find about its departments and research programmes, its presence and activitird in France and French overseas departments and territories, and in the world. A few webpages are dedicated to the Johannesburg Summit where the CIRAD will be present. FR, EN for some pages
Consultative Group on International Agriculture Research (CGIAR) CGIAR wishes to contribute to food security and poverty eradication in developing countries through research, partnerships, capacity building, and policy support, promoting sustainable agricultural development based on the environmentally sound management of natural resources. Its website presents its research areas, the various research centres with which it is working (International Rice Research Institute, International Centre for Research in Agroforestry, International Centre for Tropical Agriculture, etc.), and provides information on CGIAR, its publications, partnerships. EN
CORDIS 'Community Research and Development Information Service': it provides information on all research and development programmes, projects, the latest news, calls for proposals, etc. Three search facilities are available in the CORDIS project database. DE, EN, FR, IT, but mainly in EN
CORDIS - Energy, environment and sustainable development programme The Energy, environment and sustainable development webpages on CORDIS provide information related to these aspects of the Fifth Framework Programme for research (that will end in December 2002). EN
Key action 5 projects Webpages that present a description of projects selected under the first four RTD evaluations of key action 5 programme (under the Fifth Framework Programme). An index by sub-area and an index by country are available. EN
  Various opinions  
Agriterra This website presents Agriterra initiative which aims to promote, facilitate and support lasting cooperation between organisations representing rural people's in the Netherlands and in developing countries. The website presents: the members of the initiative, publications and studies, Agriterra events, and a news service, etc. EN, ES, FR, NL
CAB International Website of a not-for-profit organisation specialising in sustainable solutions for agricultural and environmental problems. CAB International has three divisions: CABI Publishing publishes in all fields of agriculture and related disciplines; CABI Information collects and disseminates information relating to agriculture, forestry and related disciplines; CABI Bioscsience integrates four biological insitutes and aims to build on and enhance their strong reputations. The website provides information about CABI, its three principle divisions and their projects. Useful web resources and CABI products and services are also available. The site can be searched by keyword or browsed by subject area. EN
International Commission of Agricultural Engineering (CIGR) The CIGR is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation. The website provides information about CIGR, its organisation, membership details, aims and activities, and its publications. It gives online access to the CGIR newsletter, electronic journal and conference abstracts free of charge. An events calendar and a collection of relevant web links are also available. CIGR is also jointly responsible for the CIGR-FAO Global Network on Agricultural Engineering, which consists of six email discussion groups lists; information on how to join these groups is provided. EN
ETC-Group ETC-Group is a foundation located in Canada that is dedicated to the conservation and sustainable advancement of cultural and ecological diversity and human rights. ETC-Group's strength is in the research and analysis of technological information (particularly but not exclusively plant genetic resources, biotechnologies, and [in general] biological diversity), and in the development of strategic options related to the socioeconomic ramifications of new technologies. Its website presents the organisation and provides news, publications, reports, etc. on its programmes and activities. EN, some pages in ES and FR
Farming solutions This website has been created jointly by the NGOs Greenpeace, Oxfam and ILEIA. They want to demonstrate how food security and sustainable livelihoods can be achieved across the world by the use of innovative and environmentally responsible systems. Through background information, success stories, and news, it illustrates how farmers can protect the environment and at the same time increase food supply. The site aims to encourage the debate between farmers, scientists, consumers, regulators, and retailers through Greenpeace website forum on which everybody can register. EN, introduction in DE, EN, ES, FR, IT, PT
International Federation of Agricultural Producers (IFAP) IFAP aims to secure the fullest cooperation between organisations of agricultural producers. It works to improve the economic and social status of all who live on the land. The website provides information about IFAP activities, topical issues agriculture in developing countries, publications, and a calendar of IFAP events. EN, some documents are also in ES and FR
International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) IFPRI is an organisation based in the United States which receives its principal funding from government, private foundations, and international and regional organisations known as the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research. It aims to identify and analyse alternative national and international strategies and policies for meeting the food needs of the developing world on a sustainable basis. The website provides information on IFPRI research and outreach, classified by country, themes and divisions. It also gives access to its publications (some are available in languages other than English), datasets on households, communities, agricultural sector, a calendar of forthcoming events, etc. EN
International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) IIED is a non-profit organisation promoting sustainable patterns of world development through collaborative research, policy studies, networking and knowledge dissemination. Its website presents the organisation, its activites, publications, etc. One of its specialist areas is sustainable agriculture and rural livelihoods. EN
International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) The IISD focused on how sustainable development can be used to improve the economic development and well-being of all people. It advances policy recommendations on international trade and investment, economic policy, climate change, measurement and indicators, natural resource management, etc. to make development sustainable. Its website is a source of information on these issues through articles, features, reporting. There is a section dedicated to agriculture under natural resources. EN
Sustainable Development Dimensions Website of the Sustainable Development Department (SD) of the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) which "serves as a global reference centre for knowledge and advice on biophysical, biological, socio-economic and social dimensions of sustainable development". The SD website provides information on the aims and activities of its three divisions: Rural Development; Research, Extension and Training; and Women and Population. The available information is organised into four categories: people, institutions, knowledge and environment. The site can be searched by keyword or by theme. EN, ES, FR
Union of concerned scientists Website of an American independent association of citizens and scientists who want to "build a cleaner, healthier environment and a safer world". The web pages provide information, case studies, current recommendations, FAQ and useful links on issues relating to agriculture, sustainable agriculture, biotechnology and antiobiotic resistance. EN
World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) - European Policy Office The European Policy Office of the WWF presents, among other, its opinion on agriculture and rural development, and on development aid. The website also provides information on its activites and publications on these subjects. EN
Swiss Centre for International Agriculture (ZIL) The ZIL's overall mission is "to contribute to the international research effort to promote sustainable use of natural resources in agriculture and forestry in non-OECD countries". The website provides information on the Centre, its organisation, members, research programmes, and teaching and training activities. Details of ZIL news and events, publications, and its fellowship programme are also provided. EN
Forum on Science and Technology for Sustainability Website on the Forum on Science and Technology for Sustainability managed by the international Initiative on Science and Technology for Sustainability. This forum seeks to facilitate information exchange and discussion among the growing and diverse group of individuals, institutions, and networks engaged in the evolving field of science and technology in support of the joint goals of a sustainability transition meeting human needs while preserving the life support systems of the Earth. It aims to provide access to emerging ideas, relevant activities, key documents, and websites. EN
BBC News - Disposable planet? BBC News six-part series on sustainable development. One of the articles tackles the food issue, and the dilemma between organic and intensive farming. EN
BBC News - Africa 'needs GM crops to survive' BBC News article which explains the hopes African scientists put in genetically modified crops to avoid mass starvation. (14/05/2002) EN
CGIAR - Promethean Science: agricultural biotechnology, the environment and the poor This is a PDF version of a report authored by Ismail Serageldin and Gabrielle J. Persley, produced by CGIAR in 2000, and published on the Web by the World Bank. The report focuses on the development of agricultural biotechnology and the challenges of harnessing that technology to benefit the world's poor and the environment. The report covers the challenges facing agricultural biotechnology, the technologies that are currently available, practical examples of using those technologies, and the growing problems of world hunger and how agricultural biotechnology can help meet world food demands. EN SciDev.Net is a free-access, Internet-based network devoted to reporting on and discussing those aspects of modern science and technology that are relevant to sustainable development and the social and economic needs of developing countries. The website provides news, views and information about science, technology and development. It offers regional gateways to information, features, useful links, book reviews, opinions, etc. ES, FR, Chinese, but mainly in EN
Sustainable development: definitions and terms An American web page which explains and defines the various elements of sustainable development. EN
Ten Years of EC scientific cooperation for the transition towards sustainability Web version of a Research DG publication which marks ten years of international scientific and technological cooperation in support of sustainable and equitable development. The publication is divided into four areas: healthy societies, land ecosystems, aquatic ecosystems, people and institutions. EN
  Official documents  
CNRS This webpage of the French National Centre for Scientific research provides the brochure 'La Science au service d'un développement durable' (Science for sustainable development) in pdf format and a summary in rtf format. This document groups the recommendations of the French scientific community. FR
European Commission - Framework for indicators for the economic and social dimensions of sustainable agriculture and rural development A PDF version of a 39-page report published on the Web in February 2001 by the Agriculture Directorate-General of the European Union. It provides a framework for indicators for the economic and social dimensions of sustainable agriculture and rural development. EN
FAO - Study report Summary of the results of the last FAO study 'World agriculture: towards 2015/30'. EN, ES, FR
OECD - Agriculture, Food and Fisheries OECD information and reports on agriculture, food and fisheries. EN
OECD - Development OECD information and reports on development, with various sub-themes of which one is growth and sustainable development in developing countries. EN, FR
United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) Web page of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) which provides access to the PDF of a publication Harnessing technologies for sustainable development. This report focuses on the major challenges facing Africa in the transition to sustainable development. EN
Johannesburg Summit Official UN Earth Summit website. This summit will take place from 26 August to 4 September 2002 in the South African city. It provides basic information on the topical subject of sustainable development, and practical information on the event, official documents, etc. EN, ES, FR, RU, Chinese, Arabic, but not for all the documents
FAO FAO' special pages on world summit on sustainable development EN
International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) IFAD, a specialised agency of the United Nations, has the mission to enable the rural poor to overcome their poverty. The website presents its projects and programmes in the world, its partners, its publications and official documents, etc. EN
The EU and the World Summit on Sustainable Development European Commission website that presents the EC's preparations for the conference and provides updated information on the process. EN
United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Website of the United Nations Programme on Environment that provides information on its activites in various areas (sustainable consumption, atmosphere, chemicals, energy, etc.), its regional actions, its publications, etc. EN
Web-agri Agricultural search engine which currently indexes more than 600,000 webpages and is growing daily. EN, FR