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Conference - Towards sustainable agriculture for developing countries: options from life sciences and biotechnologies
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An Internet forum has been opened to encourage a useful and positive interactive dialogue that will both raise questions for debate at the conference and also allow different opinions to be stated. The European Group on Life Sciences will ensure that the debate is open to all - from governmental and non-governmental organisations, policy makers to the general public, with a particular emphasis on the younger generation.

How can Life Sciences and biotechnologies help the agriculture of developing countries to meet its challenges?

To help people understand the context of the conference and the interactive forum, a background paper has been prepared. You can exchange views and experiences concerning:

  • How can Life Sciences contribute to the production of food under marginal conditions?
  • How could Life Sciences improve the economic viability of food productions systems?
  • What could Life Sciences do to improve the health and nutrition of the poor without compromising food safety and the environment?
  • How can Life Sciences contribute to income generation in particular by creating new markets, in developing countries?
  • How can developing countries become “actors” in the Genome Revolution?
  • How can Life Sciences contribute to a reduction in the use of pesticides?
  • How can Life Sciences provide added value from agrobiodiversity?
Access the forum Access the forum

If you want to know more, or participate in another interactive dialogue in this field, the Food and Agriculture Organisation has set up a ‘Biotech’ forum.

IMPORTANT: When submitting messages, participants to the forum are requested to try and ensure that their views address some of the above elements, and do not exceed 500 words.

Before sending a message, they should have a look at the rules of the forum and the guidelines for participation in the E-mail Conferences. These were provided when joining the forum, and they can also be found on the forum webpage.