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European Research 2002

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European Research 2002

The European Research Area and the Framework Programme

Brussels, 11-12-13 November 2002


In parallel with the conference, there will be a major exhibition, with some 150 stands, where interesting EU-sponsored research projects will be on display. This will complement the verbal project presentations, and promote the networking and integration of research activities in Europe. 

The stands have been grouped in the following different areas (click on a title for details):

  1. Information and communication
  2. FP6 new instruments
  3. Candidate countries
  4. Genomics and biotechnology for health
  5. Information society technologies
  6. Nanotechnologies, multifunctional materials and new processes
  7. Aeronautics and space
  8. Food quality and safety
  9. Sustainable development and global change
  10. Citizens and governance
  11. Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
  12. International co-operation
  13. Joint Research Centre
  14. Research and innovation
  15. Human resources and mobility
  16. Research infrastructures
  17. Science and society

In addition, 65 organisations from both the public and private sectors (see table below) will exhibit their European research activities and interests.


Academy of Finland and the National Technology Agency (Tekes)

American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)

Aventis Pharma France

AVERE (European Electric Road Vehicle Association)

Canada's Mission to the EU


Center of Excellence Women & Science (CEWS)

Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS)


China-EU Science & Technology Cooperation Promotion Office (CECO)


Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas (CSIC)

EADS Systems & Defence Electronics

EARTO - European Association of Research and Technology Organisations

EFDA (European Fusion Development Agreement)

EIRO Forum


Epispark Consortium

ESA (European Space Agency)


EurAqua - Network of EU freshwater research organizations



Eurodoc: The Council for Postgraduates and Junior Researchers in Europe


European Association of Research Managers and Administrators (EARMA)

European Investment Bank

European Jewellery Technology Network

European Patent Office

European Rail Research Institute - ERRI

European Science Foundation

European Southern Observatory (ESO)

European Telecommunications Standard Institute

FEAST (Forum for European-Australian Science and Technology cooperation)

Fraunhofer IFF Magdeburg

Free Software Foundation Europe


IGLO (Informal Group of R&D Liaison Offices in Brussels)



Institute for International Scientific and Technological Co-operation (ICCTI, Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Portugal)


ISERD: Israel-Europe R&D Directorate for the Framework Programs of the EU

Italian National Neurological Institute C. Besta

KoWi - European Liaison Office of the German Research Organisations

Maastricht University (Liaison Office)

Max Planck Society

Ministero della Salute Repubblica Italiana

Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic & Slovac Academy of Sciences

National Agricultural Research Foundation (NAGREF)

Norwegian Polar Institute

Nuclear Research Institute Rez plc

Office fédéral de l'éducation et de la science (Gouvernement suisse)

OSTC - Federal Office for Scientific, Technical and Cultural Affairs of Belgium

PEER - Partnership for European Environmental Research

Philips Research


Rothamsted Experimental Station

SENTER - EG Liaison

Targeting Technology Ltd (Innovation Relay Centre)

Technopol Bruxelles


Vlaams Contactpunt voor het Europese Kaderprogramma

VTT Processes - Renewables knowledge portal

World Intellectual Property Organisation

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