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European Research 2002

The European Research Area and the Framework Programme

Brussels, 11-12-13 November 2002

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Parallel sessions



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Parallel sessions
Research and innovation Research and Innovation panel (132081 bytes) Jean-Paul Mingasson (1311355 bytes) Manuel Desantes (1348683 bytes) Terence Brown (1478203 bytes) Giulio Grata (1474222 bytes)
European regions: key actors in research and innovation panel (1500741 bytes)   
Candidate countries: a challenge for integration (see speeches) Hugh Richardson (1120923 bytes) Lucija Cok (1299683 bytes) Michael Schneeberger (1080995 bytes)
Science and society Rainer Gerold (1495685 bytes) Ranga Yogeshwar (1470475 bytes)
Scientific support for Community policies (see speeches) Richard Escritt (1345878 bytes) Wilhelm Henrichsmeyer (1278554 bytes)
Food quality and safety Bruno Hansen (1400392 bytes) Sir John Krebs (1454938 bytes)
Nanotechnologies, multifunctional materials and new processes Harold Kroto (1064556 bytes) Nick Hartley (1392206 bytes)
Aeronautics and space panel (1371216 bytes) Jack Metthey (1352724 bytes) Walter Kr÷ll (1363311 bytes)
Human resources and mobility panel (1502780 bytes) Raffaele Liberali (1505482 bytes) Pierre Bismuth (1458893 bytes) Fotis Kafatos (1450596 bytes) Irina Veretennicoff (1436279 bytes)
Coordination of research policies and activities panel (1508973 bytes) Peter Kind (1342217 bytes) Reinder Van Duinen (1338243 bytes) Robert-Jan Smits (1480944 bytes)


EIRO Forum

Eiro Forum stand (1525105 bytes)

EIRO Forum panel (1375848 bytes) Philippe Busquin with Catherine Cesarsky (1293059 bytes) Fotis Kafatos with Philippe Busquin (1283967 bytes) Catherine Cesarsky (1328152 bytes) Antonio RodotÓ (1122299 bytes) Signature (1262450 bytes)
mingasson_100-0016.jpg (61769 bytes) Mr Mingasson, the European Commission's Director-General for Enterprise, at the Research and Innovation stand
inco_173654.jpg (49482 bytes) International Cooperation - with participants from some 65 countries and five continents, European Research 2002 saw international cooperation and networking in abundance!

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