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European Research 2002

The European Research Area and the Framework Programme

Brussels, 11-12-13 November 2002

Images from Monday


Opening session

Parallel sessions




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Opening session

General photographs

sign_0300.jpg (246770 bytes) Registration area and entrance to the exhibition (248591 bytes) In the Galileo Auditorium - opening_0007.jpg (279668 bytes) In the Galileo Auditorium - opening_0008.jpg (277197 bytes) 

EU Research Commissioner Philippe Busquin with Belgian Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt

opening_0025.jpg (193149 bytes) opening_0026.jpg (192939 bytes) p-009445-00-1h.jpg (1608040 bytes)
Philippe BUSQUIN, Commissioner for Research, European Commission opening_0037.jpg (108043 bytes) opening_0053.jpg (123110 bytes) p-009445-00-2h.jpg (1135545 bytes)

Guy VERHOFSTADT, Prime Minister, Belgium

opening_0068.jpg (103956 bytes) opening_0063.jpg (101656 bytes)

Hans-Olaf HENKEL, President, Leibniz Association, Germany

opening_0108.jpg (108532 bytes) opening_0117.jpg (100723 bytes)

Stephen BENN, The Royal Society of Chemistry, United Kingdom

opening_0124.jpg (113683 bytes) opening_0125.jpg (114250 bytes) benn.jpg (99038 bytes)
Nora BRAMBILLA, University of Milano, Italy opening_0176.jpg (124932 bytes) opening_0175.jpg (97039 bytes) brambilla.jpg (138192 bytes)
Susan IVERSEN, University of Oxford, United Kingdom opening_0210.jpg (126250 bytes) iversen.jpg (102949 bytes) opening_0213.jpg (129296 bytes)
Murli Manohar JOSHI, Minister for human resource development, science and technology, India opening_0163.jpg (151483 bytes) opening_0167.jpg (117355 bytes) 
Yves PIÉTRASANTA, Member of the European Parliament, France opening_0148.jpg (125994 bytes) opening_0147.jpg (130118 bytes)
Marius Ioan PISO, CEO, Romanian Space Agency, Romania opening_0190.jpg (107657 bytes) opening_0183.jpg (117303 bytes) opening_0179.jpg (95666 bytes)
Carmen VELA OLMO, Ingenasa, Spain opening_0203.jpg (104074 bytes) opening_0195.jpg (130282 bytes) opening_0200.jpg (107249 bytes) opening_0199.jpg (112785 bytes)


Parallel sessions (position your mouse over the picture to see the name of the speaker - and size of the higher-resolution image which you can see if you click)
crowded-session_0308.jpg (1303539 bytes) Most sessions were well attended - some extremely so!
Life sciences: genomics and biotechnology for health Genomics panel (1294912 bytes) Bruno Hansen (1300823 bytes) Hans Wigzell (1349056 bytes) Leena Peltonen (1309689 bytes) Octavi Quintana Trias (1325237 bytes)
IST IST panel (1402312 bytes) Fabio Colasanti (1177381 bytes) John Taylor (1207615 bytes)
Sustainable development Sustainable development main speakers (1282467 bytes) Fernando de Esteban (1247043 bytes) Cesar Dopazo (1115727 bytes) Pablo Fernandez Ruiz (1379802 bytes)
Citizens and governance Citizens and governance panel (1362309 bytes) Jean-François Marchipont (1187542 bytes) Maria Joao Rodrigues (1177907 bytes)


exhibition_0244.jpg (200495 bytes) Commissioner Busquin cuts the ribbon to open the exhibition with Deputy Director-General of Research, Hugh Richardson
exhibition-pbkd.jpg (216262 bytes) Left: Commissioner Busquin at the Information and Communication stand

Below: Commissioner Busquin tours the 15 000-square-metre exhibition

exhibition_0257.jpg (184032 bytes) exhibition_0251.jpg (209988 bytes) busquin_0258.jpg (1302671 bytes) busquin-gmes_0260.jpg (1275390 bytes) busquin_472.jpg (1219128 bytes)


orchestra.jpg (171532 bytes) Left: Deputy Director-General of Research, Hugh Richardson, introduces the orchestra of the European School

Below: the concert in full swing!

dsc_0446.jpg (1385447 bytes) dsc_0455.jpg (1183978 bytes) dsc_0459.jpg (1313649 bytes) dsc_0462.jpg (1309234 bytes) dsc_0464.jpg (1410367 bytes)

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