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European Research 2002

The European Research Area and the Framework Programme

Brussels, 11-12-13 November 2002

Participants' forum

Why a Participants' forum?

Moving beyond the approach of the 1999 FP5 launch conference, the Commission decided this year to dedicate one part of the conference programme to the participants themselves.

The resulting Forum presents events designed and organised by a wide variety of associations on themes that are topical, cutting-edge and/or controversial.

The aim is to allow the ‘real actors’ - i.e. scientists, industrial researchers, research users, decision-makers, organisations and associations, and others working in or affected by research and technology - to propose meetings, discussions and exchanges on subjects not necessarily related to the Sixth Framework Programme.

In this way the Commission encouraged a more ‘bottom-up’ approach which would involve a wider range of organisations and a greater variety of issues.

A call for proposals was published in March 2002, inviting participants to propose workshops, round tables, etc. on issues chosen by them. 250 proposals were received in time. Four main selection criteria were used: potential interest to the scientific community; a European and/or international dimension; relevance to European society; and the participation of young scientists.

The catalogue shows that the events cover a wide range of scientific and technological areas, relevant to both European research and European society at large. They will therefore contribute to reinforcing the European Research Area.

There are 80 events in the participant's forum. You can download two small PDF files (12kB each), one with the events sorted by subject area (keyword) the other sorted by organisation, or the entire catalogue (PDF 207kB) with times, venues and speakers. You can also click on any session title below to see the details.

    Monday 11 November - afternoon

  1. Effective research management: "bridges to success in FP6"

  2. Seasonal climate prediction - from scientific theory to practical applications

  3. Kick off for the FP6 National Contact Point network

  4. Workshop on the organization of Science Shops networks

  5. Collaboration with Australia - It's not the end of the world!

  6. How can we grow more talent for the ERA? By stimulating the interest of youngsters for modern technology!

  7. GENDEP: functional genomic studies in depression

  8. Consumer science for quality and safe food in Europe: FoodConsScience workshop

  9. 1st European Workshop on Nanotechnology in Construction

  10. Industry experience and review of existing tools for the management of large innovation networks

  11. Challenge of mobility for young researchers from the Candidate Countries

  12. Knowledge for European Integration – Challenges for RTD co-operation with non-candidate countries in South-eastern Europe

  13. Focus on the passenger: achieving integrated intermodal passenger transport in Europe

  14. Dissemination of European Framework Research Results to SMEs

  15. Managing Risks - Towards a Safe and Efficient Society

  16. Nanotechnologies and microsystems: present situation and future

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    Tuesday 12 November - morning

  18. Towards Optimised Chemical Processes and New Materials by Combinatorial Science
  19. International benchmarking of hands-on activities in science education
  20. European Carbon Dioxide Network
  21. Transmission, distribution and storage of electricity for large-scale implementation of renewable energies and distributed generation systems
  22. Impacts of global change on the water cycle; scenarios of water demand and availability, management tools and sustainability
  23. European Legal Forum
  24. One child in four is allergic today. Allergy: priorities in research
  25. Managing mobility for a clean urban transport - experiences from the MOST-project
  26. Collaborative business in value creating networks: facing the challenge of extended products in the Sixth Framework Programme
  27. Maximising the IMPACT of European Agro-Food RTD Projects
  28. The RTD Needs of the European Solar Electricity Industry: Optimising links to Europe's leading research establishments
  29. Towards a Strategic Research Agenda for Aeronautics in Europe , Implications for the Future – Reports from the ACARE Working Teams
  30. China - Your Partner for S&T Co-operation
  31. Effects of land use change on landscape functions and quality of life: ecological, socio-cultural and economic aspects
  32. Production of the Future
  33. Sustainable Transport on Gas
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    Tuesday 12 November - afternoon

  35. Marine Biotechnology: Bioactive Compounds from Marine Sponges and Sponge-Associated Microorganisms
  36. The evaluation of intangible assets in universities and research organisations
  37. Workshop on Information Support to EU-Russia RTD Co-operation
  38. Project Mediterranean (ProMed)
  39. e-Bologna
  40. The Chemistry of the Future
  41. Management of natural resources in agriculture, forestry and fisheries
  42. Bringing the power of TV drama to bear on promoting public awareness of science
  43. On-line debates on contemporary issues in Science and Technology
  44. Sustainability through Integrated Mobility Planning and Land use in European regions
  45. Science communication in Europe
  46. FP6 - A Challenge for SMEs
  47. Functional Genomics for Health: the Chemical Challenges
  48. SMEs in FP6: New Challenges, New Opportunities
  49. European spoken dialogue systems - future science and commercial applications
  50. XCELL-EU: Networking of centres of expertise and innovation within the ERA
  51. The strategic importance of animal genomics for the future of human health and food products
  52. Canada and Europe: Building R&D Partnerships Under FP6
  53. Chemogenomics: a promising future for drug discovery
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    Wednesday 13 November - morning

  55. Knowledge Management in a Scientific environment
  56. Benefits from ITER in the European Union
  57. Multiagent Systems as a Leading Edge Technology – From Promises and Current State towards a European R&D Agenda
  58. In vivo molecular imaging of gene expression and function
  59. Wise use of natural resources - a global initiative
  60. Gender equality in FP6 - How to increase the participation of female researchers
  61. Can we defeat antibiotic resistant microbes?
  62. Towards an integrated European Freight Mobility
  63. The Governance of Radioactive Waste Management : first Perspectives from the COWAM Network
  64. Prevention of degenerative diseases; clues from studies understanding oxidative stress
  65. Conscience clause for scientists and engineers
  66. Medical Messages in the Media: Are well educated journalists better off (while trying to reach the big audience) - or just another endangered species?
  67. Towards a European capacity for integrated sustainability assessments
  68. Hydrogen Energy for the Sustainable City
  69. Barriers and Barriers and opportunities: issues of the information society for people with print disabilities
  70. JET: a bridge to ITER
  71. Realistic modelling of complex biological and environmental processes on Grids
  72. Challenges for lifting European R&D expenditure from 1.9% to 3% of GDP
  73. Towards a more autonomous aircraft in the future air traffic management system
  74. Grid-enabled Collaborative Visualisation
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    Wednesday 13 November - afternoon

  76. Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Helpdesk awareness action
  77. Cancer Risks of Low Doses of Ionizing Radiation: Radiation damage to cells through to Cancer Development
  78. EUROPA 2015
  79. Biomimetic Materials and Processes
  80. European roads - a vision for 2025
  81. Organisation and management of CRAFT projects by small businesses: real experiences … and successes
  82. Integrating european seafood research - SEAFOODplus
  83. Animal welfare in the product quality chain
  84. Novel therapy approaches based on stem cell technology

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