EC-US Task Force on Biotechnology Research
Workshop on Marine Genomics: High Throughput Technologies and Their Application/influenceon Marine Microbial Genomics and Biotechnology
Washington D.C., USA
10-12 October 2010

EU-US Workshop on Marine Genomics: Next Generation Scientists for Next Generation Sequencing  PDF icon 2.0 MB , Washington D.C., October 10-12, 2010

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Douglas Bartlett, UC San Diego
Frank Oliver Glöckner, Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology

The workshop will be structured around four themes:

Theme I. Bioinformatic tools to process large sequence data sets
What are the tools in use today for handling large sequence data sets? How accessible and understandable are they to the broader scientific community? What improvements are needed?

Theme II. Obtaining ever larger sequence data sets: Current and future technologies
(Roundtable with industry representatives and workshop participants)
What are the new next generation sequencing technologies and what are their strengths and weaknesses? What capabilities are needed for progress in marine genomics?

Theme III. Connecting genotypes with function
How are large sequence data sets and next generations sequencing being coupled with functional studies that assess biological and environmental significance?

Theme IV. Training marine microbiologists today: culturing versus Unix
How do we better train next generation marine scientists in the integration of next generation sequencing with microbiology and oceanography?
Drafting of a preliminary US-EC joint course plan on (Marine) Bioinformatics


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