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Propelling into the future


The EU-US Task Force meets regularly, usually on an annual basis, to take a bird’s eye view of the international biotechnology landscape. These gatherings form the core of the Task Force’s activities. During these meetings, Task Force members from both sides of the Atlantic discuss the latest trends in the field.


The long view

Task Force meetings take a long-term, strategic view. When members spot a topic of interest on the scientific landscape, they appoint a US Government and European Commission official as coordinators. These coordinators then enlist the help of senior scientists in Europe and the United States.

These senior scientists organise and co-chair workshops that are attended by prominent researchers and practitioners in the field. Some of these workshops act as satellite events to the annual meetings. Others are held throughout the year at research locations in Europe or the United States.

  • The purpose of these workshops is to learn from the researchers themselves what challenges and opportunities lie ahead in these new fields. The workshop chairpersons report their findings to the Task Force at the annual meetings. To learn more about workshops, click here.

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