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Our Activities


Active in the service of transatlantic co-operation

The EU-US Task Force on Biotechnology Research carries out numerous activities designed to bring European and American researchers closer together.

Among its many activities, the Task Force funds and sponsors scientific workshops. If we describe researchers as miners of knowledge, then we can say that Task Force workshops are designed to bring them back above ground to explore the broader horizon.

The Task Force also sponsors short training courses and a short-term fellowship program on environmental biotechnology. The emphasis of these activities is to build a network of early career researchers who have the tools to apply biotechnology to environmental problems, such as cleaning up oil spills.

The Task Force also sponsors scientific discussion between natural and among social science researchers on topics which have an impact on biotechnology, such as bioethics, the role of women in science, and public perceptions of biotechnology . During these discussions, EC and US program managers exchange information on how the US and EC each address these issues, and if appropriate, plan joint activities.