20th Meeting of the EC-US Task Force on Biotechnology Research,
Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain,
3-4 June 2010

The EC-US Task Force on Biotechnology Research met for the 20th time at the University of Pompeu Fabra, in Barcelona, in June 3-4, 2010.
The meeting was hosted by the Spanish Presidency and co-chaired by Judith St. John, Deputy Administrator of the US Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service (USDA ARS) and Maive Rute, Director for Biotechnologies, Agriculture and Food Research, Research Directorate-General, European Commission.
The Task Force meeting was preceded on 2 June by a conference on "Biotechnology Research for a Complex World" celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Task Force, which was co-organised by the Spanish Presidency of the Council of the EU at the Barcelona Biomedical Research Park, Spain.
The Task Force members exchanged views on research priorities and actions to stimulate innovation and reviewed their activities on Healthful Food and Obesity research, Synthetic Biology, Bioinformatics, Marine Genomics, plant, environmental and animal biotechnology as well as Bio-based Products and Bio-Energy. Relevant activities under the Transatlantic Economic Council, the EU-US Energy Council and a workshop on Women's leadership in Biotechnology Research were also among the main topics of discussion in this meeting.

List of EC participants  PDF icon 167 KB

List of US participants  PDF icon 152 KB

Conclusions  PDF icon


June 3, 2010

9:00 am         Welcome and introductory remarks
               (M. Rute, EC Chairperson/ J. St. John, USDA, US Chairperson)

9:15 am       Welcome and presentation of University Pompeu Fabra
              F. Sanz Carreras, UPF  PDF icon 2.1 MB

9:45 am       Scientific priorities at both sides of the Atlantic
              J. St John, USDA/ M. Rute, EU  PDF icon 445 KB

10:15 am      Feeding the World with Healthful Food and Combating Obesity  PDF icon 665 KB

              Research priorities  on both sides of the Atlantic
              V. Hubbard, NIH/Mike Grusak (USDA-ARS / I. de Froidmont/ A. Schneegans EU  PDF icon 994 KB

10:45 am    Update on Obesity Research Activities under Task Force
              V. Hubbard, NIH/ I. de Froidmont, EU  PDF icon 453 KB

11:00 am    Discussion and next steps   taking into account the discussion at the Conference 2 June

11:15 am    Morning Break  

11:30 am    Update on Synthetic Biology Activities ongoing and possible new initiatives 

11:30 am    Scientific presentations by Victor de Lorenzo EC/ Drew Endy, US addressing the following questions (taking into account the discussion at the Conference 2 June):
              -  What do you see as the greatest challenges in synthetic biology?
              -  Where do you see   the greatest opportunities for collaboration between EU and US?
              - What are the critical training needs and how could the Task Force contribute to addressing these?
              -  Is governance of synthetic biology research needed and how could  the Task Force contribute to addressing it?  
              Environmental applications of synthetic biology  PDF icon 1.4 MB
              Synthetic biology and biotechnology  PDF icon 16.2 MB

12:00    Synthetics biology governance
              Maurizio Salvi, EU / Jessica Tucker, contractor supporting HHS  PDF icon 776 KB
12:30 pm     Update on the Synthetic Biology activities under Task Force
              I. Economidis, EU / S. Rastegar, NSF  PDF icon 392 KB

12:45 pm    Discussions and next steps
             (including proposal for the establishment of Working Group)

1:00 pm    Lunch

2:00 pm    Bioinformatics in 21st Century

2:00 pm   Report from 2 EC-US TS Workshop
             ( A. Schneegans and J-C Cavitte, EC/ J. Silverthorne, NSF /Steve Kappes, USDA)
              Report on activities in bioinformatics  PDF icon 250 KB
              Animal bioinformatics  PDF icon 2.4 MB

2:30 pm    Scientific presentation by Klaus Mayer and Frank Oliver Glöckner
             - The major high level recommendations emerging from the workshop
             - The most significant challenges that the Task Force could help to address
             - The highest priorities of the community for the next steps based on these
              Marine genomics bioinformatics  PDF icon 4.0 MB

3:00 pm   Scientific presentation of the ELIXIR project
              Andrew Lyall, EBI  PDF icon 3.2 MB

3:30 pm    Discussion on the way forward

3:50 pm   Report and follow-up from the Workshop on "Women Leadership in Biotechnology"
              L. Matthiessen, EU /Judy St. John, US  PDF icon 133 KB

4:05 pm    Break

4:25 pm    Innovation

4:25 pm    The Transatlantic Economic Council and its activities relevant for TF
             (L. Bochereau, & L. Matthiessen EC)

4:35 pm    Update on US Innovation priorities /strategy/activities
              Steve Kappes, USDA  PDF icon 53 KB

4:50 pm    Update on EU Innovation priorities /strategy/activities
             (M. Rute / L. Matthiessen)

5:00 pm    The EU-US Energy Council
              L. Bochereau, EU  PDF icon 1.4 MB

5:15 pm    Report from the Working Group on Bio-based Products and Bio-Energy
              K. Simmons, USDA & D. Thomassen, DOE/A. Aguilar & P. Venturi, EU  PDF icon 748 KB

5:30 pm    Report from the Working Group on Plant Biology
              (A. Schneegans, EC/ J. Silverthorne, NSF)

5:45 pm    Report from the Working Group on Marine Genomics
              (J. Silverthorne, NSF / G. Guiu, ECS)

6:00 pm   End of the first day


Friday, June 04, 2010

9:00 am       Report from the Working Group on Environmental Biotechnology
              I. Economidis, EC / A. Palmisano, DOE  PDF icon 908 KB

9:15 am       Report from the Working Group on Animal Biotechnology
              J-C. Cavitte EC / Steve Kappes, USDA  PDF icon 2.6 MB

9:30 am        The EC - US Task Force 2010-2015:

              - Presentation of New EU and US Workshop Proposal

             - Review of agreed actions during the 20th Task Force meeting and other follow-up actions taking into account the outcome of the conference 2 June

             - Renewal of the Task Force mandate

             - Next meeting 

10:45 am   Adjourn