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18Th Meeting of the EC-US Task Force on Biotechnology Research
Joint Research Centre, Ispra, Italy
June 5-6, 2008



The European Commission (EC) –United States (US) Task Force on Biotechnology Research met for the 18th time in ISPRA, Italy on June 5-6, 2008. The meeting was co-chaired by Kathie L. Olsen, Deputy Director, National Science Foundation (NSF), US and Timothy Hall, Acting Director for Biotechnologies, Agriculture and Food Research, Research Directorate-General, European Commission. The meeting was attended by representatives from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), National Institute of Health (NIH), Department of Energy (DOE), Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) and the EC Directorate for Biotechnologies, Agriculture and Food Research and the Directorate of Health Research Directorate-General as well as from the Joint Research Directorate General (EC-JRC).

List of EC participants  PDF icon 153 KB

List of US participants  PDF icon 146 KB

Conclusions  PDF icon 120 KB

Final agenda  PDF icon 67 KB

5 June, 2008

9:00 Welcome and introductory remarks
(T. Hall, EC/ K. Olsen, NSF)

9:15 Overview of Biotechnology Research activities of the U.S. Department of Agriculture
( P. Burfening, USDA  PDF icon 1.7 MB )

9:45 Biotechnology for health – future perspectives.
( P. Kolar, EC  PDF icon 260 KB )

10:00 Progress regarding the implementation of a Knowledge Based Bio-Economy in Europe.
( T.Hall, EC  PDF icon 543 KB )

10:15 Coffee

10:30 Report of workshop on “Nanobiotechnology”
( H. Fuchs, EC co-chair and H. Craighead US co-chair
G. Guiu Etxeberria, F. Rossi EC
  PDF icon 203 KB / L.Goldberg, NSF)

11:00 Report and discussion on follow-up of Workshop on "Biotechnology for Sustainable Bioenergy"
(M. Lex EC/ D. Thomassen, DOE & J. St. John, USDA)

11:30 Report from the Workshop on Systems Biology and distribution of report.
(P. Kolar, EC/ F. Heineken, NSF

11:45 Presentation of the Joint Research Centre by E. Anklam, Director, DG JRC, ISPRA

12.30 LUNCH

13:30 Tour of the Joint Research Centre

15:00 Information on Bio-Metrology and measurement standards in Bio-Sciences
( H. Schimmel, EC  PDF icon 620 KB )

15:20 Report from the working group on Plant biotechnology
( J. Silverthorne NSF/ T. Hall, EC  PDF icon )

15:35 Discussion regarding the continuation of the working group on bio-based products
(J. St. John, USDA / A. Aguilar, P. Venturi, EC  PDF icon 198 KB )

15: 50 Report from the working group on Environmental Biotechnology
( I. Economidis, EC / D. Thomassen, DOE  PDF icon 889 KB )

16:05 Report from the working group on Marine Genomics
( L. Proctor, US / M. Lex, EC  PDF icon 277 KB )

16:20 Update on EC and US activities addressing women and biosciences
( F. Crippa, EC  PDF icon 288 KB / K. Olsen US  PDF icon 870 KB )

16:40 Update on workshop on menopause research
( P. Kolar, EC/S. Sherman, NIH  PDF icon )

16:55 Report regarding the planning of workshop on Virtual tissues
( P. Kolar, EC  PDF icon 157 KB )

17:10 Update regarding EC and US activities on synthetic biology and possibilities for joint activities.
(S. Rastegar NSF/ I. Economidis, EC  PDF icon 144 KB )

June 6, 2008

Morning session

9:00 Exchange of information regarding EC and US activities on obesity research and future joint initiatives
( V. Hubbard, NIH/ I. De-Froidmont-Goertz, EC  PDF icon 422 KB )

9:20 Update on the development of livestock cloning policies in EU
(J-C Cavitte, EC)

9:30 Follow-up to the Workshop on Livestock Genomics
(J. C. Cavitte EC / S. Kappes, USDA)

9:45 Follow-up on the workshop on Immunology and Vaccinology
(S. Kappes, USDA/ J. C. Cavitte, EC)

10:10 EU-US collaboration in Life Sciences and Biotechnology in the context of FP7- experiences from the first calls.
( I. Benedickson, EC/ L. Matthiessen, EC/M. Steinbock, USDA  PDF icon 510 KB )

10:30 Coffee

10:45 Future communication strategy for the Task Force
(M. Steinbock, USDA/ L. Matthiessen, EC)

11:00 Guidelines on EC-US Task Force workshops
(M. Steinbock, USDA/ L. Matthiessen, EC)

11:10 Discussion of Workshop Proposals for 2008/2009
A Global Look at Women’s Leadership in Biotechnology Research
( A. Carlson & K. Olsen, NSF/ L. Matthiessen & F. Crippa, EC)
- Synthetic Biology
(S.Raskegar, NSF/ I. Economidis, EC)

US proposal:
- Bioinformatics for Livestock Genomics
(S. Kappes, USDA)

12:00 Conclusions and Recommendations of the 18th Task Force Meeting;

Scheduling and Location of the 19th Task Force Meeting.