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Press releases of the Biotechnology Programme

Last update: 22.12.1999

Released on 21-12-1999: Quality of life: centre stage of European research - 307 new research projects funded

Released on 14-12-1999: A world first: the sequencing of two plant chromosomes - Surprisingly, plants have many genes in common with humans

Released on 08-10-1999 / Veroeffentlicht am 08-10-1999:

Released on 03-08-1999: "Yellow rice" to prevent vitamin A deficiency

Released on 19-05-1999: Breakthroughs in plant biotechnology confirm 'added value' of European research European Plant Biotechnology Network conference - Rome, 7-9 June 1999

Released on 25-03-1999: Second Conference of the Biotechnology & Finance Forum - Lyon, 26 - 29 March 1999

Released on 17-03-1999: European research in neuroscience: at the service of society

Released on 27-10-1998: European Commission coordinates TSE research launched following mad cow crisis. (Symposium on transmissible spongiform encephalopathies)

Released on 01-10 -1998: European Research in Life Sciences: demonstrating effectiveness

Released on 22-07-1998: European Commission to support training workshops to help scientists launch biotechnology start-ups

Released on 25-06-1998: European Plant Biotechnology Network launched to bring together almost 400 EU funded laboratories

Released on 10-06-1998: European Commission launches 154 research projects in biotechnology

Released on 05-05-1998 / Veroeffentlicht am 05-05-1998:

  • The first Conference of the "Biotechnology & Finance Forum": promoting biotechnology start-ups and entrepreneurship in Europe
  • Die Erste Konferenz des "Biotechnology & Finance Forum": Förderung von Biotechnologie-Unternehmertum und Unternehmensgründungen
  • Released on 10-03-1998 / Veroeffentlicht am 10-03-1998:

    Additional material available!
  • Notice to the press: European research - recent progress in biotechnology
  • Pressemitteilung: Europäische Forschung - Fortschritte in der Biotechnologie
  • Released on 24-02-1998: European Commission approves 22 research projects on mad cow disease and transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (TSE)

    Released on 29-01-1998: Towards the first complete analysis of a plant genome

    Released on 20-10-1997: The Commission sets up a "Biotechnology and Finance" forum to stimulate the development of the European industry in this sector

    Released on 19-09-1997: Europeans and biotechnology : a complex relation

    Released on 18-07-1997: A European network completes genomic sequence of a major bacterium

    Released on 24-3-1997: Using bacteria to repair environmental damage: one of 96 new Biotechnology research projects approved by the Commission

    See also the press releases of the Quality of Life Programme,
    implemented under the Fifth Framework Programme (1994-1998)


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