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Biotechnology - Industrial Platforms

Information last updated on 10.03.2000

A Success Story behind the increased industrial participation
in the EC Biotechnology RTD programme

One of the objectives of the EU's Biotechnology programme is to enhance, through RTD, European competitiveness. In the future this will be determined by the Member States ability to meet a number of challenges, such as job-creation and industrial competitiveness. Today there is a close link between investment in technological development and a nation's industrial strength. Biotechnology, will be one of the driving forces in tomorrow's economy. In this context, the programme seeks to improve the links between fundamental research and commercial applications in Europe and to help translate and accelerate new ideas into new products. A novel feature in the EC RTD Programme Biotechnology has been the creation of Industrial Platforms. Industrial Platforms are technology-driven industrial groupings established on the initiative of industry around Biotechnology RTD areas. Since the first Industrial Platform was created at the onset of the BRIDGE programme (1990-1993), its value has been recognised: participation from industry in the Biotechnology programme has increased significantly and the number of platforms has risen to 14. Additionally, communication between academia and industry have significantly improved and could progress further through the Industrial Platforms. For an review, please refer to the article entitled "Industrial platforms - a unique feature of the European Commission's biotechnology R&D programme" by Aguilar, A., Ingemansson, T., Hogan, S & Magnien E. (1998) Trends in Biotechnology, vol. 16 (9), pp. 365-8. Off-prints are available from S. Hogan by e-mail or fax: +322-299.1860

Industrial Platforms
HAE 2000 - Healthy Ageing Europe Industrial Platform
ACTIP - Animal Cell Technology Industrial Platform
LABIP - Lactic Acid Bacteria Industrial Platform
YIP - Yeast Industry Platform
PIP - Plant Industry Platform
IVTIP - In Vitro Testing Industrial Platform
BACIP - Bacillus Subtilis Genome Industrial Platform
FAIP - Farm Animal Industrial Platform
IPM - Industry Platform for Microbiology
SBIP - Structural Biology Industrial Platform
BBP - Biotechnology for Biodiversity Platform
FIP - Fungal Industry Platform
E.NIP - European Neuroscience Industrial Platform
EBIP - Environmental Biotechnology Industrial Platform
TSE IP - TSE Industrial Platform



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