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Information last updated on 19.09.2000

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4th Biotechnology and Finance Forum Conference
Paris, 25-26 October 2001


The Biotechnology & Finance Forum is a joint initiative of the European Commission and the EASD (European Association of Securities Dealers) which aims to develop links between the scientific and industrial community and the financial sphere (See press release / communiqué de presse - 17.10.1997 and press release / communiqué de presse - 25.03.1999).

The Address list of Members of the Biotechnology & Finance Forum Advisory Group is available

The European Commission has for almost 20 years been supporting the development of biotechnology in Europe, through a succession of research programmes, from small beginnings to the present programme "Quality of  Life and management of living resources", with a budget of 2.4 billion Euro (1992-2002). However, we should remember that some 85% of Europe's public expenditure on research is managed under the separate national authorities. Efforts at national level, effectively co-ordinated with one another and with the EU-level initiatives, are needed in the knowledge-based economy of the 21st century. This is the objective of the new Commission initiative for a "European Research Area"

note: The European Commission and EASD -"European Association of Security Dealers" - decided to set up the "Biotechnology and Finance Forum" to enable the development of links between the research / industrial communities and the financial sphere, thereby promoting a nurturing environment for bio-entrepreneurs, and sustainable interactions between the biotechnology and finance spheres in Europe.

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Forthcoming Events

  • 4th Conference of the Biotechnology & Finance Forum, Paris, 25-26 October 2001

  • Description: Although the EU biotech industry has overtaken the US in the total number of companies (EU: 1570 compared to US: 1273), it is still on average much smaller than the US industry in terms of average size, revenues and RTD expenses. The 4th conference of the "Biotechnology and Finance Forum" therefore will focus on ways to strengthen the biotech sector through consolidation, mergers, alliances, partnerships and networking and co-operation with the public research sector.

    The forum will provide an excellent opportunity for networking of researchers, industry, entrepreneurs and financiers. Biotech companies will have the opportunity to present their business plan to investors.

    Further information about this event is available from the following website: or contact

Previous events:

  • First conference of the Biotechnology & Finance Forum (Brussels, 12-14/05/1998)


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