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Training Program for Biotech Start-up Business Plan (Biobiz)

Information last updated on 14.02.2002

Biobiz®: Commission acts to help researchers acquire biotech business skills

The European Commission is supporting an initiative which aims to help researchers and scientists to acquire the skills needed to turn a good biotechnology idea into a successful business proposition. The Commission has awarded 193,000 euro to the Eurobiobiz company to host a series of workshops designed to educate potential biotech entrepreneurs on business requirements. Designed to deal with the specific characteristics of the biotechnology sector, the workshops will look at issues such as business plans, the dynamics of start-ups and securing capital.

This will be the third round of this sort of workshop, following two previous successful rounds in previous years, with 25 of previous participants having gone on to establish their own companies. The funding for them comes under the Commission's 'Quality of life' programme, part of the Fifth Framework programme.

Remarks: Candidates will be selected according to the maturity of their start up and their ability to show at least a basic understanding of the issues and skills involved.

Workshops will take place between February 2002 and May 2003 in the following cities:

For further information please contact:
Stephane Hogan, Research Directorate-General
Tel: +32-2-296.2965, Fax: +32-2-295.8220

or visit the following web address:




21-23 January 2003
18-20 February 2003
18-20 March 2003
15-17 April 2003
20-22 May 2003
Berlin (DE)
Paris (FR)
Warsaw (PL)
Hamburg (D)
Vienna (A)


19-21 February 2002
26-28 March 2002
9-11 April 2002
28-30 May 2002
18-20 June 2002
2-4 July 2002
17-19 September 2002
15-17 October 2002
5-7 November 2002
3-5 December 2002
Cambridge (UK)
Heidelberg (DE)
Paris (FR)
Amsterdam (NL)
Milan (I)
Strasbourg (FR)
Madrid (ES)
Stockholm (S)
Dublin (IRL)
Prague (CZ)
24-26 April 2001
2-4 May 2001
9-11 May 2001
15-17 May 2001
29-31 May 2001
Hamburg (D)
Cambridge (UK)
Strasbourg (FR)
Barcelona (E)
Stockholm (S)

22, 23 & 24 February 2000
4-6 April 2000
26-28 April 2000
3-5 May 2000
16-18 May 2000
6-8 June 2000
20-22 June 2000
4-6 July 2000
18-20 July 2000
1-3 August 2000
5-7 September 2000
19-21 September 2000
3-5 October 2000
17-19 October 2000
21-23 November 2000

Neuilly, Paris (FR)
Frankfurt (DE)
Milan (IT)
Strasbourg (FR)
Madrid (ES)
Stockholm (SE)
Dublin (IRL)
London (UK)
Berlin (DE)
Cambridge (UK)
Tel Aviv (IL)
Eindhoven (NL)
Lyon (FR)
Lisbon (PT)
Vienna (AT)


 "Typical Training Agenda" ( - 92 Kb)

The Biobiz® workshops are specifically designed for (potential) entrepreneurs in the biotech sector. Applicants should be researchers with a well though of start-up project. Applicants should have at least a basic understanding of what is involved in starting and running a business and a working knowledge of Excel®. Candidates will be selected preferentially on the basis of the maturity of their start-up plans.

For information or to register, please go to EuroBiobiz website.



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