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Biosociety and the Knowledge-Based Bio-Economy
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Knowledge-Based Bio-Economy
The 'Knowledge-Based Bio-Economy (KBBE)' section offers an overview of the KBBE concept under the Seventh Framework Programme. It provides information on the European Technology Platform, as well as on  ERA-nets relevant in this area.
This section also contains an archive of documents and links related to the KBBE concept.

EU-funding research
The 'EU-funding research' section covers the Sixth Framework Programme's first thematic priority: 'Life sciences, genomics and biotechnology for health' and  fifth thematic priority: 'Food quality and safety'. It introduces the related scientific and policy issues and contains an archive of documents related to the life sciences and food quality and safety.

The 'Bioethics' section delves into the ethical aspects of biotechnology and the life sciences and focuses on the importance of such issues under the Sixth Framework Programme. It provides information on national bioethics committees, as well as on European and international organisations competent in this area. It also contains an archive of bioethics-related documents.

Policy aspects
The 'Policy aspects' section outlines the main policy issues relating to biosociety at the European level and worldwide. It provides information on the basic legislative framework, EU policy-making bodies and the international dimension.

Research projects
The 'Research projects' menu contains an archive of EU-backed research projects in the life sciences and biotechnologies sectors, focusing on socio-economics and bioethics. This section also contains profiles of successful research projects and information on how the EU deals with science and governance.

The online bioforum enables anyone who is interested to exchange views on topical issues related to biotechnology and the life sciences. It also provides the opportunity to submit interesting website addresses.

The Library menu contains an extensive listing of useful reference documents and technical terms relating to biotechnologies and the life sciences.

Public understanding
The 'Public understanding' section looks into efforts under the Sixth Framework Programme to engage citizens in the research process, to analyse and understand public perceptions, and to step up public debate on important issues, going beyond the purely scientific.

News & events
The 'News & events' section helps you keep abreast of the latest biosociety developments with its topical news service and diary section.

Find experts
The database of experts is a powerful multi-disciplinary resource for anyone working or interested in the biosociety sector.

The 'Links' menu contains an extensive database of useful biosociety-related websites.

The 'Contacts' menu helps you find and get in touch with the right person at the European Commission's Research Directorate-General.

If you are looking for specific information, you can browse the Biosociety website using its search tool.


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