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Fourth Framework Programme
Biotechnology Programme

European Union-backed research projects focusing on the socio-economic aspects of the life sciences and biotechnologies sectors are presented below. These projects, listed with their title and contract number, were carried out during the Fourth Framework Programme (1994-1998) under the Biotechnology Programme (BIOTECH 2).


Public utility
Acelluvax – Social acceptance and economic impact of a recombinant vaccine - BIO4-CT96-0090
‘Educating the European Public for Biotechnology ‘ website

Public perceptions and communication
Production, dissemination, implementation and evolution of educational material on biotechnology - BIO4-CT95-0016

Biotechnology and the European Public - BIO4-CT95-0043

European Federation of Biotechnology Task Group on public perceptions of biotechnology - BIO4-CT95-0135

European Travelling Exhibition Initiative - BIO4-CT98-0161

Dissemination, implementation and evaluation of educational materials on biotechnology - BIO4-CT98-0304

European debates on Biotechnology: Dimensions of public concern - BIO4-CT98-0488

European Federation of Biotechnology Task Group on Public Perceptions of Biotechnology – 2 - BIO4-CT98-0529

The education of biotechnology consumers - BIO4-CT96-0107

Industrial innovation from biotechnology
A study of improving dissemination of biotechnology research results to EU bio-industry - BIO4-CT96-0387

The industrial use of genome resources in Europe - BIO4-CT96-0686

Academic Industry Links and Research Networks in Biotechnology - BIO4-CT96-0240

New possibilities for accessing the Capital Markets for small and mediumsized Biotech Enterprises - BIO4-CT97-2011

Practical measures with emphasis on financing of SME’s using Biotechniques for a better exploitation of EC-funded project results - BIO4-CT97-2058

The exploitation of the European Science Base in Gene Therapy bridging the "Commercialisation Gap" - BIO4-CT98-0380

National Biotechnology Strategies
Inventory and analysis of Biotech Programmes and related activities in all countries participating in the Biotechnology Programme 1994-1998 - BIO4-CT97-2089
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

ELSA Projects (Ethical, Legal and Social Aspects)
Comparative law study on biotechnology patents of therapeutical use in USA and European patents - BIO4-CT96-0204

Philosophical pluralism in European decisions regarding Bioethics - BIO4-CT96-0656

Impact of intellectual property rights on development of Biotechnology - BIO4-CT96-0692

Moral competitiveness of Biotech companies - BIO4-CT96-1224

MOSAICC: Elaboration and Diffusion of a "Code of Conduct" for the access and sustainable use of microbial resources within the framework of the Convention of Biodiversity - BIO4972206

Safety regulation of transgenetic crops: Completing the Internal Market? - BIO4-CT97-2215
Final report [PDF document – 265 Kb]

Ethical, Legal and Social Aspects of Brain Research - BIO4-CT97-2264

The socio-economic implications of bio-pesticides - BIO4-CT97-2363

The future development in farm animal breeding and reproduction and their ethical, legal and consumers’ implications - BIO4-CT98-0055

Plant Intellectual property - BIO4-CT98-0190

Assessing debate and participative technology assessment - BIO4-CT98-0318

Mammalian cloning in Europe: prospects and public policy - BIO4-CT98-0367

Benchmarking the moral decision-making strength of European biotechnology companies - BIO4-CT98-0427

Xenotransplantation: ethical, social, economical and legal aspects - BIO4-CT98-0512
Final report:
Part A [PDF document – 130 Kb]
Part B [PDF document – 728 Kb]

Genetics and public and professional policy in Europe – The Geneticist's approach - BIO4-CT98-0550

Banking of genetic material and data in Europe: Legal, Ethical and Economical Issues - BIO4-CT98-0570


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