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Fourth Framework Programme
Biomedicine and Health Programme – Projects in Area 6 "public health research, including health services research"

European Union-backed research projects focusing on the socio-economic aspects of the life sciences and biotechnologies sectors are presented below. These projects, listed with their title and contract number, were carried out during the Fourth Framework Programme (1994-1998) under the Biomedicine and Health Programme (BIOMED 2).

Area 6.1 - Health education and prevention, primary care

Alcohol consumption and alcohol problems among women in European countries - BMH4-CT96-0179

Surveillance of cerebral palsy in Europe: prevalence rates in childhood populations, trends overtime and risk factors - BMH4-CT98-3701

Cancer prevalence in Europe - BMH4-CT98-3899

Socio-economic and geographic variation in health: methods for quantifying and explaining health needs and small area variations in risk - BMH4-CT98-3488

Cross-European longitudinal study of ageing (EXCELSA): pilot study - BMH4-CT98-3299

Transcultural study of postnatal depression (PND) within European health systems: harmonisation of research methods and promotion of mother-child health - BMH4-CT98-3591

Towards cost-effective dialysis therapy in Europe - BMH4-CT98-3237

A coordinated study on the development of European standards for the assessment of disablement in mental and neurological disorders (EURO-MDSBL) - BMH4-CT98-3388

The development of an European sero-epidemiology collaboration for the investigation of vaccine preventable disease - BMH4-CT96-1039

Common instruments for health interview surveys in Europe - BMH4-CT98-3909

Disability weights for diseases in Europe - BMH4-CT98-3253

Coordination of national surveillance programmes for CJD in the European Union - BMH4-CT98-3698


Area 6.2 - Health determinants and prevention strategies

Transnational variation in prevalence of adolescent smoking: the role of national tobacco control policies and the school and family environments - BMH4-CT98-3721

Comparison of changes in neural tube defect prevalence in relation to primary prevention strategies: public health policy-making and implementation - BMH4-CT98-3969

Which nutritional and lifestyle factors contribute to health protection in elderly Europeans followed through ages 70-85 - BMH4-CT98-3083

Improving psychiatric treatment in residential programmes for newly dependent groups through relapse prevention: a multi centre trial - BMH4-CT96-0688

Use of normal dental records longitudinally as novel indicators of oral health and general well-being of Europeans - BMH4-CT96-1541

East-west European comparison of chronic disease risk factors, related health behaviours and effects of innovative antismoking interventions, with special reference to Russian Karelia - BMH4-CT96-1224

Meta-analysis to establish the age and sex specific relationships of risk factors with common causes of death - BMH4-CT98-3804

An evaluation of HIB vaccination and description of risk factors for HIB vaccine failure in Europe - BMH4-CT96-0984

A methodology for the analysis of rationality and effectiveness of prevention and health promotion strategies (MAREPS) - BMH4-CT96-0304

European review of injury surveillance and control - BMH4-CT96-0081

A European network for HCV infection in vertically exposed children - BMH4-CT98-3527

Living with asthma in childhood-education and European forum - BMH4-CT96-0266

Reducing the burden of non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus by health education in a primary care setting - BMH4-CT98-3759

Concerted action on the prevention of child abuse in Europe - BMH4-CT96-0829


Area 6.4 - Economics and organisation of health systems

European variation in stroke intervention from patients, carers, primary, ambulatory, community and hospital services: its impact on outcomes and costs - BMH4-CT95-1362

The productivity of space and physical assets in health services across the European Union with particular emphasis on scanning services - BMH4-CT96-0380

Patient charges and decision making behaviors of consumers and physicians - BMH4-CT98-3576

The implementation of guidelines for budget control and cost calculation and their effect on the quality of management of intensive care units in the countries of the European Union - BMH4-CT98-3461

Development of external peer review techniques - BMH4-CT96-1128

European models for purchasing strategies: development of computer models based on needs to determine purchasing strategies and priorities for maternity care services and for people with stroke - BMH4-CT96-1329

Assessing needs, quality of life, outcomes and cost-effectiveness of care for people severely disabled by schizophrenia in the EU - BMH4-CT95-1151

A collaborative study of public health and health services issues in rural areas to identify common needs and priorities - BMH4-CT98-3491

European network on methodology and application of economic evaluation techniques (EUROMET) - BMH4-CT96-1666

Economic determinants of the distribution of health and health care in Europe - BMH4-CT98-3352


Area 6.5 - Quality of health care

Eurocommunication: a comparative study in five european countries on doctor-patient communication - BMH4-CT96-1515

Standardising criteria for mental health assessment in adults with mental retardation: a European perspective - BMH4-CT98-3760

Efficacy, efficiency and quality of the health policy in the European Union - BMH4-CT98-3933

Harmonisation of antibiotic resistence measurement, methods of typing organisms and ways of using these and other tools to increase the effectiveness of Nosocomial Infection control - BMH4-CT98-3931

The EQ-NET: to develop at a European level a standardized measure of health status and to facilitate its application - BMH4-CT98-3118

Development and validation of a European standardized outcome instrument for patient evaluation of the quality of care in general practice - BMH4-CT95-0650

European standardization of patient data collection for outcome assessment in intensive care - BMH4-CT96-1283

Strengthening effective practice: promoting the rigorous development of clinical guidelines in Europe through the creation of a common appraisal instrument - BMH4-CT98-3669

Improving the well-being of elderly patients via community pharmacy based pharmaceutical care - BMH4-CT95-0055

Supporting clinical outcomes in primary care for the elderly (SCOPE) - BMH4-CT95-0323

Carers of older people in Europe (COPE) - BMH4-CT98-3374

The effect of harmonizing and standardizing the nursing tasks on the intensive care units of the European Community - BMH4-CT96-0817

Standards of care for cleft lip and palate in Europe - BMH4-CT95-0402

Quality of health care and quality of life in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) - BMH4-CT98-3522

European standardization of outcome measurement in rehabilitation - BMH4-CT98-3642

Standardization of HIP fractur audit in Europe (SAHFE) - BMH4-CT95-0145

Bridging the gap between science and practice: how to change health care provider behaviour through implementing clinical practice guidelines - BMH4-CT96-0697

European research on incapacitating diseases and social support - BMH4-CT96-1580

Cross-cultural use of outcome measures in rehabilitation - BMH4-CT98-3296


Area 6.6 - Assessing new health technologies

Psychotherapy for childhood depression - BMH4-CT98-3231

European contribution to an international register of controlled trials - Phase 2 - BMH4-CT98-3803

Technology, ethics and dementia - BMH4-CT96-0943

Rapid assessment of cost-effectiveness of new treatment strategies through training and coordinated data collection on a European scale: an integrated approach applied to the cancer field - BMH4-CT96-0037


Area 6.7 - Health scenarios

Developing a method of "willingness to pay" for assessment of community preferences for health care priorities - BMH4-CT96-0832

Public health models, application for planning and cost-effectiveness studies public health models - BMH4-CT95-1000

A comparative study of the prevention of crime and violence by mentally ill persons - BMH4-CT98-3072


Area 6.8 - Impact of internal market

Impact of European Union internal market regulations on the health services of member states - BMH4-CT98-3030


ELSA Projects (Ethical, Legal and Social Aspects)

Is obtaining informed consent for neonatal research an ‘elaborate ritual’? A European study – EURICON - BMH4-CT95-0169
Final report [PDF document - 286 Kb]

A longitudinal study of parent-child relationships and the emotional, social and identity development of children conceived by assisted procreation - BMH4-CT95-0580

Basic ethical principles in bioethics and biolaw - BMH4-CT95-0207
Final report [PDF document – 232 Kb]

European network for biomedical ethics: ethical problems of in vitro fertilisation (IVF) with particular regard to its connection with genetic – ‘Diagnosis and therapy’ - BMH4-CT96-0121

The development of prenatal screening in Europe: the past, the present and the future - BMH4-CT96-0740

Priorities and resource allocation in health care Euro-priorities in health care - BMH4-CT96-0966

European biomedical ethics practitioner education – EBEPE - BMH4-CT96-0972
Final report [PDF document – 188 Kb]

Establishment of a European information network for the field of ethics in medicine, in health care - BMH4-CT96-1258

Communicable diseases; lifestyles and personal responsibility: ethics and rights - BMH4-CT96-1430
Report [PDF document – 188 Kb]

Reproductive choice and control of fertility - BMH4-CT96-1444

Decision-making after prenatal diagnosis of a foetal abnormality: describing the present to improve the future - DADA (decision after diagnosing abnormality) - BMH4-CT96-1657
Final report [PDF document – 80Kb]

Genetic screening and testing: towards community policy on insurance, commercialisation and promoting public awareness - EUROSCREEN - BMH4-CT96-1665

The relevance of virtue ethics to patients with chronic illness - BMH4-CT98-3112
Final report [PDF document – 418 Kb]

Ethical function in hospital ethics committees - BMH4-CT98-3127
Final report [PDF document – 283 Kb]

Beauty and the doctor: moral issues in health care with regard to appearance - BMH4-CT98-3164

Ethical, legal and social aspects of vaccine research and vaccination policies in Europe - Euro Elsav - BMH4-CT98-3197

Developments of prenatal technology and ethical decision- making during pregnacy and birth: the obstetricians’ perspective - BMH4-CT98-3376
Final report [PDF document – 979 Kb]

Palliative Care Ethics - BMH4-CT98-3440

Consistency in ethical reasoning concerning genetic testing and other health related practices in occupational and non-occupational settings - BMH4-CT98-3479
Final report [PDF document – 903 Kb]

Patient’s autonomy and privacy in nursing interventions - BMH4-CT98-3555

Therapeutic research in assisted conception - TRAC - BMH4-CT98-3580
Final report [PDF document – 260 Kb]

End of life decision-making and life ending procedures in European Intensive Care Units - BMH4-CT98-3733
Final report [PDF document – 869 Kb]

Palliative Care in Europe: Ethics and Communications Project - BMH4-CT98-3881
Final report [PDF document – 478 Kb]

Regulation of gene therapy: a European network of users - EUREGENETHY - BMH4-CT98-3894

Prenatal testing for Huntington’s disease: the psychosocial, ethical and legal complexity of prenatal testing for a late onset disease - BMH4-CT98-3926

Ethical guidance on the use of human embryonic and foetal tissue transplantation - BMH4-CT98-3928
Final report [PDF document – 508 Kb]

Solidarity and care in the European Union - SOLIDCAR - BMH4-CT98-3971
Final report [PDF document – 330 Kb]

Ethical aspects of desinstitutionalisation in mental health care - BMH4-CT98-3973
Final report [PDF document – 851Kb]


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