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Fourth Framework Programme
Agriculture and fisheries research projects

European Union-backed research projects focusing on the socio-economic aspects of the life sciences and biotechnologies sectors are presented below. These projects, listed with their title and contract number, were carried out during the Fourth Framework Programme (1994-1998) under the FAIR programme, and relate to agriculture and fisheries (including agro-industry, food technology, forestry, aquaculture and rural development).

Index of relevant socio-economic projects in sub-area 3.1 "Consumer nutrition and well being"

Quality policy and consumer behavior - FAIR-CT95-0046

Future impacts of Biotechnology on agriculture, food production and food processing - A Delphi Survey - FAIR-CT95-0269

The impact of dietary fat reduction and a concomitant change in the ratio o simple to complex carbohydrate (CHO) on body weight, body composition and metabolic variables of overweight-to-obese subjects - FAIR-CT95-0809

Consumer attitudes and decision-making with regard to genetically engineered food products - FAIR-CT96-1667

Bioethical aspects of biotechnology in the agrofood sector - FAIR-CT97-1848

Disseminating the results of EU food research programmes to European food SMEs via a 18 country dynamic network system (The FAIR-INNOVATION dissemination project) - FAIR-CT97-3014

Compatibility of the ousehold and individual nutrition surveys in Europe and disparities in food habits - FAIR-CT97-3096

List of ELSA Projects (Ethical, Legal and Social Aspects)

Organic Salmon Production and Consumptions: Ethics, Consumer Perceptions and Regulation - FAIR-CT98-3372

Development of criteria to establish health-based occupational exposure limits for pesticides - FAIR-CT98-3663

Consumer concerns about animal welfare and the impact on food choice - FAIR-CT98-3678

Ethical, Legal and Social Aspects of Fisheries Management in Europe – ELSA - PECHE - FAIR-CT98-3821
Final report:
Part A [PDF document – 210 Kb]
Part B [PDF document – 321 Kb]
Annexes [PDF document – 1.6 Mb]

Ethical, Legal and Social Aspects of Fisheries Management in Europe– ELSA - PECHE - FAIR-CT98-3821

Public Perceptions of Agricultural Biotechnologies in Europe - FAIR-CT98-3844


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