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Science for all

As advances in knowledge and technology speed ahead, the scientific community and society appear to be gradually drifting apart. But science affects us all and so it should be open to all.

The European Union is working to jumpstart public interest in science and address issues arising from the social and ethical implications of emerging technologies.
The Public Understanding section looks into efforts under the Sixth Framework Programme to engage citizens in the research process, to analyse and understand public perceptions, and to step up public debate on important issues, going beyond those that are purely scientific.
It also explores the problems involved in communicating the complexities of the life sciences to a broader public, and ways of improving coverage of the biosciences in the media. You can find useful information on the Specific Support Actions – an important funding instrument for fostering public debate life science research – available under FP6.
We also delve into the views of citizens by publishing the findings of EU-wide and national biosociety polls, including a series of Eurobarometer surveys on what the European public thinks about biotechnology. These polls shed light on the public’s opinions, knowledge and perceptions of the biosciences and biotechnologies.
A series of Fact Sheets on ‘hot’ and topical biosociety issues will soon be available online.

The biosociety website also conducts its own opinion polls to canvass the views of its readers. To take part in one of our polls or to view past results, click here.






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