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The latest headlines on the life sciences, biotechnologies, and other related issues.
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November 2008

Improved quality control for protein databases
As bioinformatics research in Europe continues to generate more and more information scientists must be able to rely on data integrity. This can only be achieved through the implementation of proper quality control. With this aim in mind European scientists have now developed a new and efficient tool for checking public databases.

EUROHEAR finds molecular mechanisms behind deafness
Imagine the frustration when on a night out with friends you are not able to distinguish what they are saying from music playing in the background, or from other people's conversations. Unfortunately, this is a common experience for the millions of people who suffer from hearing impairment. Hearing loss, however, does not only affect older people. Many children also suffer, and their educational performance and cognitive development can be adversely affected. Thankfully, help is at hand as scientists begin to discover the genetic and molecular mechanisms underlying hearing impairment.

International consortium to study human microbiome
A detailed understanding of human biology not only requires knowledge of the human genome, but also of the genetic makeup of the microorganisms associated with our bodies. In a groundbreaking project researchers will employ the latest advances in genetic sequencing to identify human microbial communities. Traditionally individual species of microorganisms have been studied in isolation. Now genetic material can be examined which has been collected from microbial communities based in their natural environment.

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