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Past events

Date 7-9 October 2008
Title EuroBIO 2008
Location Paris, France
Information Field: Biotechnology
EuroBIO 2008, the life sciences event of the European Union Presidency, will take place in Paris, France, from 7 to 9 October. 5,000 delegates and visitors from 20 countries, 120 speakers and 500 clusters and companies are expected to attend.

Date 7-9 October 2008
Location Hannover, Germany
Information Field: Biotechnology
BIOTECHNICA is the leading event within the European biotech industry. It embraces every segment of biotechnology - from basic biotechnology and equipment, bio-informatics and services to the five major areas of application: pharmaceuticals/medicine, industry, food, agriculture, the chemical industry and the environment.

Date 6-7 October 2008
Title European Federation of Biotechnology Tech Transfer Summit
Location Paris, France
Information Field: Biotechnology
The Tech Transfer Summit is set to help ensure that innovation through research is applied and brought to the market or society. Bringing together academia, industry and CEO entrepreneurs with international experts and practitioners in technology transfer, IP and licensing, the summit intends to provide an environment for fostering increased and improved technology transfer, making sure that the potential of research is achieved.

Date 2 October 2008
Title CASCADE Open Forum
Location Brussels,Belgium
Information Field: Endocrinology
The purpose of the Forum is to provide the European science community and stakeholders with an open platform for debate and communication on endocrine disruption (ED). The outcome of the Forum will be a strategic agenda which clearly defines the mutual needs, interests and expectations in the main activity areas such as research, education, testing and risk assessment. The Forum, which is free of charge, is organised by 8 leading EU-funded research projects and will be held at the Radisson SAS Royal Hotel.

Date 1-2 October 2008
Title Bioforum
Location Milan, Italy
Information Field: Biotechnology
The bioforum combines a conference and exhibition designed to promote collaboration between academia and industry in the field of biotechnology and thus increasing knowledge transfer at international level. Sessions will be dedicated to biotechnology in health, bioinformatics, agriculture and food, industry and environment and services as well as biofinance and equipment. CORDIS will hold a presentation at the conference and provide participants with additional information at a CORDIS stand as part of the exhibition.

Date 16 September 2008
Title Info day on the Biorefinery Joint Call
Location Brussels, Belgium
Information Field: Biotechnology
The aim of this one-day event is to provide information on the Biorefinery Joint Call launched by the Commission's Research Directorate General (Research DG) and the Energy and Transport Directorate General (Energy and Transport DG). Underlining the relevance of the subject and the importance of the joint effort among different themes within the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7), the European Commissioner for Science and Research Janez Potocnik will open the event.

Date 15-17 September 2008
Title European Forum for Industrial Biotechnology
Location Brussels, Belgium
Information Field: Biotechnology
Organised by EuropaBio, the European Association for Bioindustries, the event will feature two workshops, networking sessions and a two-day forum with approximately 30 leading speakers from biotech research, academia and the industry as well as environmental organisations and the European Commission. The experts will assess the prospects for industrial biotechnology in Europe through presentations, question and answer sessions and panel discussions.

Date 18-22 July 2008
Title Euroscience Open Forum
Location Barcelona, Spain
Information Field: Science
ESOF 2008 is expected to attract some 4,000 scientists, researchers, students, decision makers and business people. Key themes to be addressed by renowned speakers include:
  • enhanced energy security;
  • fighting global warming;
  • what should we eat and how should we look?
  • the very big and the very small;
  • screening: burden and benefits;
  • science and innovation policy.
In addition to the expert audience, ESOF 2008 is also intended to attract the general public providing a variety of activities and experiments designed to give insights into the world of science.
Contact: Laura Marin

Date 15-18 July 2008
Title International conference of women engineers and scientists
Location Lille, France
Information Field: Climate Change, Biotechnology
The conference provides an opportunity to exchange ideas and information with professional women and female academics working in an international environment. Conference topics include general scientific issues such as climate change, biotechnology and ethics, as well as issues pertaining to the role of women in management and leadership positions and gender in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Date 7-9 July 2008
Title Conference on 'Knowledge for growth'
Location Toulouse, France
Information Field: knowledge-based economy
The conference has two objectives: First, to take stock of the recent contributions on the knowledge economy and identify the building blocks of national and European strategies to promote innovation-based growth; and second, to develop an operational approach to EU, national and regional research and innovation policies in the context of the emerging European Research Area.
Plenary sessions will address the following topics:
  • innovation and growth in the knowledge-based economy: the challenge to Europe;
  • new innovation practices and global networks;
  • promoting excellence in research and development: interactions between public and private investments;
  • multi-level innovation policies: the contribution of the European Research Area;
  • promoting research and development and excellence in Europe: an integrated and open approach.

Date 2-6 June 2008
Title 16th European Biomass Conference
Location Feria Valencia, Spain
Information Field: biomass
The event, also including workshops and forums, will address questions of biomass resources and conversion, as well as biofuels, markets and policies. The exhibition will feature companies and state-of-the-art products in the biomass industry.

Date 22-26 June 2008
Title Plants for life
Location Toulon, France
Information Field: Biotechnology, Agriculture
Participants will present and discuss the latest developments in plant science in speeches and workshops. The event is also open to non-plant scientists, so that links with new areas can be built.

Date 24-27 June 2008
Title Global conference on GMO analysis
Location Como, Italy
Information Field: Biotechnology
The European Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC) and the European Network of GMO Laboratories (ENGL) are organising the first global conference on genetically modified organism (GMO) analysis. This conference is aimed at all stakeholders involved in GMO control and analysis, including industry and regulators, and beyond.

Date 15-17 May 2008
Title Central European Biotechnology and Bioubusiness Trade Fair - Bio-Forum VII
Location Lodz, Poland
Information Field: biotechnology
The main aim of the 7th Bio-Forum edition is creating business network between booming Central European biotech and mature US and Western Europe biobusiness. Central European countries will have the unique opportunity to present their biotechnological potential to participants from USA and Western Europe.
Ms Eliza Zawadzka, Tel: + 48 42 678 01 12, Fax: + 48 42 678 01 28

Date 21-25 April 2008
Title Boost Biosystems Brokerage Event
Location Hannover, Germany
Information Field: biotechnology, microsystems
The partners of the 6th EU Framework Programme project Boost Biosystems together with the Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum are organising a Boost Biosystems Brokerage Event for academic professionals and entrepreneurs to hold bilateral meetings at HANNOVER MESSE, Europe's leading biotechnology trade fair, which will take place in Hannover, Germany 21 - 25 April 2008.

In addition to the Boost Biosystems Brokerage Event there is an opportunity to participate in the industry study tour on 23rd April 2008 in and around Hamburg. The study tour aims at increased integration and knowledge exchange about production processes in microsystems technologies and how they can be adopted to biosystem technologies as well as the demands of “bed side diagnosis” and analysis.

Date 7-9 April 2008
Title BIO-Europe Spring 2008 – International Partnering Conference
Location Madrid, Spain
Information Field: biotechnology
The BIO-Europe Spring event brings together international decision-makers from all sectors of the biotechnology industry, and features the successful combination of one-on-one meetings, company presentations and a lively exhibition. The event enables biotechnology companies to identify, meet and network with companies across the biotechnology value chain.
Thomas Voigt, Tel: +1-760-930-0500, Fax: +1-760-030-0520, e-mail:

Date 6 March 2008
Title Conference on driving innovation from science to business
Location Aix en Provence - France
Information Field: science and business
The event, which is organised by the EU-funded Trans2Tech project, will investigate topics related to the marketing of research in response to the industry and business' needs and requirements.

Participants will have the opportunity to discuss issues that hinder efficient knowledge and technology transfer (K&TT), including legal and organisational barriers, the cultural gap between the business and sciences communities and the fragmented markets for knowledge and technology, in order to define successful mechanisms to strengthen their partnerships with research users.

This event will also see the launch of a catalogue of good marketing practices, focusing on knowledge and technology transfer as experienced throughout Europe.
Website: CORDIS, Contact: Mathioda Coatanhay

Date 13-14 March 2008
Title Nutrigenomics 2008
Location Paris - France
Information Field: nutrigenoimics, nutrition, genetics
Nutrigenomics is the study of molecular relationships between nutrition and the response of genes, with the aim of extrapolating how such subtle changes can affect human health. The two-day event will feature two sessions on the state of play of nutrigenomics research and innovation. It will also feature a roundtable discussion on the theme of personalised nutrition.

Date 18-19 March 2008
Title INNOVACT - 2008
Location Reims - France
Information Field: innovation, business
Innovact gives innovative young European companies solutions for their development: training, partnership, finance, and technology transfer challenges. Every year, almost 4000 participants and 200 young innovative companies join us in Reims to make the most of business opportunities and leads.

Date 26 February 2008
Title Nano2Life network presents main achievements
Location Brussels - Belgium
Information Field: biotechnology, nanotechnology and nanosciences
Nano2Life (N2L), the EU-funded Network of Excellence on nanobiotechnology, will present its principal achievements to stakeholders, the scientific committee and representatives from the European Commission. Nano2Life will highlight its scientific, technological, educational, ethical, and human resources-linked achievements obtained during four years of collaboration. The meeting will help the design of the future European capacity in nanobiotechnology and nanomedicine.

Date 1-4 February 2008
Title European Career Fair at MIT
Location Cambridge, USA
Information Field: science and technology
The 12th European Career Fair will be held at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), in Cambridge, US on 1 to 4 February.
In 2008, the European Commission is partnering with the MIT European Club to organise a dedicated Science & Technology (S&T) space at the Career Fair. The space will promote Europe as a great place to pursue a career in science and technology, be it in industry, research organisations, academia or science policy. It will present the best that Europe has to offer, in all its diversity: public, private, national and international. EU Member States will promote participation by their national research organisations and companies engaged in research.
This initiative is part of the outreach activities towards the network of European researchers in the USA (ERA-LINK).

Date 31 January - 02 February 2008
Title International symposium on human embryonic stem cell research
Location Evry-Paris - France
Information Field: Stem Cell Research
The event will bring together international scientists to exchange ideas about cutting-edge research on the human embryonic stem cells. Lectures from renowned specialists will tackle topics such as current prospects for embryonic stem cell therapy and industrial applications of embryonic stem cells. There will also be presentations of scientific networks supported by the European Commission.
Website:, Contact: Léonore Grannec,

Date 14 January 2008
Title Conference on Marie Curie Industry-Academia Partnerships and Pathways
Location Brussels - Belgium
A one day conference will be held in Brussels on 14 January 2008. This conference is designed to enable applicants get the maximum benefit from their industry-academia collaboration and to help potential applicants understand the scheme better and prepare a high quality IAPP proposal.
The conference will be opened by Janez Potočnik, Commissioner for Science and Research and several top level speakers are confirmed.

Date 09-11 January 2008
Title Nano2Life annual meeting
Location Champéry - Switzerland
Information Field: biotechnology, nanotechnology and nanosciences
The EU-funded network of excellence in nanobiotechnology, Nano2Life (N2L), will hold its annual meeting from 9 to 11 January 2008 in Champéry, Switzerland.
The conference is intended to provide insights into various initiatives launched by the N2L consortium, present scientific research and to help to initiate new projects in nanobiotechnology.

Date 04 December 2007
Title European Conference 1 - Good Bioethical Practices
Location Brussels - Belgium
Information Field: bioethics
A conference on 'Good Bioethical Practices' will be held on 4 December in Brussels.
The event will address bioethical topics involving biobanks, gene and cell therapies, stem cells and genetic testing with a special focus on issues affecting European small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).
The conference, co-funded by the European Commission under its Sixth Framework Programme (FP6), aims at allowing biotechnology companies the opportunity to listen to the concerns of society. At the same time, it is intended to allow the public an insight into the questions arising from the daily practices of biotech companies, particularly SMEs.

Date 22-23 November 2007
Title CIAA Conference on Sustainable Agriculture
Location Brussels - Belgium
Information Field: economic, environmental and social aspects of farming
The CIAA & SAI Platform Conference on Sustainable Agriculture will gather leading industry players, high-level EU officials, various NGOs and academia to discuss and debate challenging issues the food and drink industry is facing today and in the future.

Date 12 - 14 November 2007
Title BIO-Europe 2007
Location Hamburg, Germany
Information Field: biotechnology
BIO-Europe brings together international decision-makers from the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and financial sectors, offering networking opportunities, workshop participation, and private, pre-scheduled one-to-one meetings. Investment and collaboration opportunities developed in prior BIO- Europe conferences have produced many highly successful business partnerships.

Date 02-03 November 2007
Title 8th EMBO/EMBL Joint Conference on Science and Society
Location Heidelberg, Germany
Information Field: Evolution, disease and sustainable development
The future of our species - Evolution, disease and sustainable development
The conference has 4 sessions, the themes of which are as follows:
  • Emerging, re-emerging and persistent diseases
  • Global sustainability and biology
  • Treatment and enhancement
  • Human evolution: once were apes
Contact: Andrew Moore Alessandra Bendiscioli, e-mail:

Date 24-26 October 2007
Title EU-Malaysia Biotechnology Business Partnership 2007
Location Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Information Field: business/technology cooperation, Bio-agriculture, Bio-healthcare, Bio-manufacturing and Bioinformatics
EU-Malaysia Biotechnology Business Partnership 2007 (EUM-BIO) is a Business Match Making project co-funded by the Asia Invest II Programme of the European Commission (EC) and is jointly promoted by Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology (MiGHT) and two European Partners, i.e. European Association for Bioindustries (EuropaBio) from Belgium and Association for the BioPharmaceutical Industry (BioFarmind) from The Netherlands.
Contact: Carmen Law, e-mail:

Date 16-19 October 2007
Title SysBioHealth Symposium 2007
Location Milan, Italy
Information Field: systems biology, drug processes
The goal of the event is proving how Systems Biology is essential for achieving deeper knowledge of how biological systems function and for applying these findings to a more targeted and efficient drug discovery process.
Contact: Lilia Alberghina, e-mail:

Date 26-28 September 2007
Title EuroBiO 2007
Location Lille, France
Information Field: biotechnology
As life science research and the bioindustry continue to evolve with impressive speed, EuroBiO 2007's slogan nicely sums up why this year's event in Lille is duly important. By bringing together bioscience and bioindustrial stakeholders from Europe and across the globe, the 3-day event is a key platform for dialogue and networking and as a catalyst for forging collaborative projects in the life sciences.

Date 25-26 September 2007
Title Bioforum 2007
Location Milan, Italy
Information Field: biotechnology, science and business, transfer of knowledge
Bioforum, born in 2004, is an Expo-Conference concerning biotechnologies. Numerous European countries will take part to the event to promote the meeting between science and business through a faster innovation and the launching of new products and services. Bioforum 2007 foresees a special session on bioethic with topics that are now, but still in future, very important for public opinion and those people that have to transfer the results of research in concrete activities of market interest.
Contact: Bioforum, tel: +39 02 2831161, fax: +39 02 28311666

Date 16-19 September 2007
Title 13th European Congress on Biotechnology
Location Barcelone, Spain
Information Field: biotechnology, Science and Industry in support of Society, Symbiosis
Europe's leading biotechnology event run by and for Europe's biotechnologists and biotech stakeholders, the European Congress on Biotechnology is the longest running international and multidisciplinary biotechnology congress in Europe. It is unique in bringing together Europe and the world's best biotechnologists to present and discuss cutting-edge science in all the disciplines of biotechnology.
Contact: European Federation of Biotechnology, e-mail:

Date 13-14 September 2007
Title Conference on Research Infrastructures for the Life Sciences
Location Brussels - Belgium
Information Field: life sciences, framework programme 7, european roadmap
Infrastructures are indispensable instruments for supporting research in the modern life sciences; however, in Europe they often constitute a limiting factor due to lack of mechanisms available for their coordinated organization and funding. An institutional debate on European research infrastructures has been launched over the past few years in the context of the conception of the EU Framework Programme 7, primarily through the European Strategic Forum on Research Infrastructure (ESFRI) which recently released a "European Roadmap for Research Infrastructures" including six infrastructures for the biomedical and life sciences.

Date 09-11 July 2007
Title 2nd Annual Congress: Legal Strategies for Developing Generic Medicines
Location Amsterdam, Netherlands
Information Field: Pharmaceutical legislation, patent litigation, the current European regulatory climate
Following on from the success of the inaugural event, the 2nd Annual Congress: Legal Strategies for Developing Generic Medicines will present practical and in-depth presentations on the new European Pharmaceutical legislation, patent litigation, the current European regulatory climate and overcoming originator Evergreening strategies.

Date 12-13 June 2007
Title Towards a Knowledge Society: Is Knowledge a Public Good? Dynamics of Knowledge Production and Distribution
Location Berne - Switzerland
Information Field: research, knowledge society, economic growth
Knowledge, its production and distribution, represents one of the major challenges facing Europe today. Creating, assembling and exploiting complementary aspects of Knowledge constitute the foundation of cultural and social expansion, as well as economic growth. At the same time, owning Knowledge leads to some kind of power.
Understanding Knowledge and investigating its properties and dynamics leads to better management of Knowledge from scientific, economic, policy and ethical perspectives, thus preventing its distortion by ideological means. Such investigations are currently running in parallel in various research disciplines.
Contact: Dr. Daniela Di MARE Nadine, SPEICH Association Euresearch, Switzerland

Date 20-21 June 2007
Title Colloquium 8 on Environmental Risk Assessment of Genetically Modified Plants
Location Tabiano, Italy
Information Field: food and feed, genetically modified organisms, environment risk assessment, animal and human risk assessment
According to Regulation (EC) No 1829/2003 on genetically modified food and feed and Directive 2001/18/EC on deliberate release of genetically modified organisms (GMO) into the environment, a risk assessment of the potential effects that a genetically modified organism might have on human or animal health and the environment, has to be carried out prior putting the genetically modified product on the European market.
The objectives of the colloquium are therefore to consider approaches to environmental risk assessment in the light of current scientific thinking.This programme will be relevant for experts in the area of risk assessment of genetically modified organisms and particularly for experts in environmental impact of genetically modified plants.
Contact: Vanessa Descytel, Organisation and logistics: European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) tel: +39.0521 036 410
e-mail :

Date 21-23 June 2007
Title Women on biotechnology: scientific and feminist approaches
Location Rome, Italy
Information Field: biotechnologies, biofeminists, human health, human environment
The aim of the Wombit conference is to promote an interdisciplinary and wide debate among feminists and scientists and get results on biotechnologies from a feminist point of view. The event will gather together women with different positions and backgrounds to raise awareness on the development, use and implications of biotechnologies. European women experts from the field are except to take part to the conference.

Date 26-27 June 2007
Title Research towards Future Challenges of European Agriculture
Location Brussels , Belgium
Information Field: agriculture, life sciences, research
This Conference will contribute to the identification of the agriculture research needs in the medium to long term. Relevant stakeholders will be involved in the Conference. The conference has been organised in the context of the foresight process launched by the Standing Committee on Agricultural Research (SCAR) aimed at assessing the outlook of European agriculture by 2020.
Website: not available
Contact: Jean-Luc Khalfaoui, tel: +32 2 2980754, fax: + 32 2 2963029

Date 3-4 May 2007
Title 2nd Welfare Quality® Stakeholder Conference : Assuring animal welfare: from societal concerns to implementation
Location Berlin, Deutschland
Information Field: food quality chain, animal welfare
This conference will examine and discuss the results generated during the second and third year of the research project Welfare Quality®: Integration of Animal Welfare in the Food Quality Chain, which is funded by the EU's Sixth Research Framework Programme (FP6).
Contact: Anke de Lorm, tel: +31 (0)320 293503, fax: +31 (0)320 238050, e-mail :

Date 4-8 May 2007
Title Genomics for Animal Health
Location Ultrecht, The Nederlands
Information Field: animal breeding, genetics, genomics, animal wealth
The EU-funded projects SABRE (Cutting Edge Genomics for Sustainable Animal Breeding) and EADGENE (European Animal Disease Genomics Network of Excellence) will focus on the latest genetics and genomics research in the field of farm animal health, through a joint 2-day conference which will be proceeded and followed by a series of satellite workshops and meetings.

Date 7-11 May 2007
Title 15th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition
Location Berlin, Deutschland
Information Field: biomass industry, renewable energies, climate protection
The 15th European Biomass Conference & Exhibition - From Research to Market Deployment - Biomass for Energy, Industry and Climate Protection will take place in Germany in the International Congress Center Berlin (ICC Berlin), Europe’s largest conference venue, named top in the category “World’s leading Conference & Convention Centre 2005”. Over 1,300 participants from more than 80 countries are expected to attend and learn about the latest breakthroughs in the field. The Exhibition, taking place in parallel with the Conference, will feature the foremost companies and state-of-the-art products in the Biomass industry.
Contact: ETA – Florence, tel: +39 055 5002174, fax +39 055 573425, e-mail:

Date 30 - 31 May 2007
Title En Route To The Knowledge-Based Bioeconomy
Location Cologne, Germany
Information Field: life sciences, biotechnology, research
The German presidency of the Council of the European Union will see the launching of a high-level biotech conference entitled “En Route to a Knowledge-Based Bio-Economy’ on 30 May 2007 in Cologne. It will kick-off the European Bioperspectives conference.
Political representatives, industry leaders and renowned scientists will present their views on the ongoing transformation of major industries through biotechnology. Moreover, a 'Cologne Paper' on the perspectives within the next 20-25 years will be presented. 
Contact: : Local organisation: Karsten Schürrle, tel. +49 69 7564 162; EC-DG Research: Alessio Vassarotti, tel.: + 32 2 2958309

Date 20-21 April 2007
Title EARNEST - Early Nutrition Programming & Health Outcomes in Later Life: Obesity and Beyond - Conference
Location Budapest, Hungary
Information Field: food, health, nutrition pregnancy
Nutrition during pregnancy and infancy can exert important long-term effects on development and health. These “programming” effects of early nutrition on health in later life are an important topic in biomedical research, nutritional and health care practice and in health policy in the near future. This International Conference provides up-to-date information on basic scientific research, epidemiological data and clinical findings on the fascinating relationship of maternal and infantile dietary intakes to various functions of the organism at later ages. With the support of the European Commission (EARNEST FOOD-CT-2005-007036) scientists, clinicians, representatives of recommending bodies and food manufacturers can be brought together to discuss their findings and develop new synergistic approaches for further advances in this field. Invited experts will provide state of the art lectures on all major topics, and young scientists present their original research. A variety of opportunities are expected to arise for improving nutrition policy as well as products of the food industry. The conference is held as a satellite of the 15th European Congress on Obesity. Therefore, the potential early nutritional roots of later obesity will be one of the focal points of the conference.
Contact: Julia von Rosen, Martina Scholl, Dr. Hans Demmelmair, tel.: +49 89-5160 2816, fax: +49 89-5160 3487 , e-mail:

Date 19-20 April 2007
Title Ethical aspects of stem cell research in Europe
Location Berlin, Germany
Information Field: ethic, stem cells, human embryonic
A workshop on the ethical aspects of stem cell research in Europe will be held in Berlin, Germany, on 19 and 20 April 2007. Organised by the EU-funded EuroStemCell and ESTOOLS projects, the meeting will focus on ethical aspects of possible clinical application of stem cell research and derivation of human embryonic stem cell lines and their alternatives. Issues up for discussion include when and under what conditions clinical trials of stem cell based therapy can be justified, and whether there is a need for more human embryonic stem cell lines for research at the present.
Contact: Anita Frank , tel.: :+46-46-2220541, fax: +46-46-222 05 59, e-mail:

Date 17-18 April 2007
Title Perspectives for Food 2030
Location Brussels, Belgium
Information Field: food, research
The Conference will address the future research and competitiveness aspects of the European food industry. It will aim at debating policy and industry development and anticipating research needs. The conference will bring together major actors from the fields of food technology, retailing, consumer science/behaviour, economists, etc. to gather visions of the future.
Contact: Valerie Rolland, tel.: +32 2 2964078, fax: + 32 2 2964322

Date 11-14 March 2007
Title BioVision 2007 – World Life Sciences Forum
Location Lyon, France
Information Field: life sciences, science and society, ethics, development
This forum aims to provide a global platform for dialogue and vigorous debate between science, society and industry, leading to concrete recommendations for action. The main focus of the March 2007 Forum will be the contribution of life sciences to the Millennium Development Goals. To this end, two-thirds of the 2007 Forum sessions will be dedicated to addressing the MDGs and one-third to cutting-edge developments in life sciences.
Contact: tel: +33 (0) 4 7892 7000, fax: +33 (0) 4 7892 7015,

Date 16 January 2007
Title Seminar of Marine Sciences and Technologies in FP7 - With a special focus on fisheries, aquaculture and marine environment
Location Brussels, Belgium
Information Field: marine sciences, environment, fisheries, aquaculture
The Seminar was jointly organized by the Informal Group of RTD Liaison Offices (IGLO) in Brussels ( and the European Commission (DG Research- "Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries and Aquaculture" Unit). This was a very well attended event, with about 150 participants from 25 different European countries. At the Commission proposal for the 7th Research Framework Programme (FP7), Marine Sciences and Technologies (MST) are specifically mentioned as a priority scientific area which cut across several of the main nine themes determined for EU actions (Annex 1, page 13). Among them, theme 2: Food, Agriculture, Fisheries and Biotechnology; and theme 6: Environment (including Climate Change) from the Cooperation Programme, are of particular importance for MST. Although, some other themes like Health, Energy or Transport, Socioeconomic sciences and Humanities are also of relevance for this area.

Date 3-6 December 2006
Title F irst Ringberg colloquium on self-organization and morphogenesis in biological systems
Location Tegernsee, Germany
Information Field: molecular biology, biological systems
This colloquium will focus on self-organisation and the emergence of form at multiple levels – molecular, organellar, cellular and multicellular levels – covering such issues as self-assembly, reaction-diffusion properties, collective behaviour, robustness and modularity. It will have a non-traditional format and will aim to be a highly interactive, discussion-driven meeting.
Contact: e-mail: and/or

Date 1-2 December 2006
Title Challenges for scientific research – Dual use and code of conduct
Location Berlin, Germany
Information Field: biotechnology, biosecurity
This gathering aims to reflect on the current status of how to deal with the emerging issues of biosecurity, biosafety and dual use of high-risk biological agents. This EU-funded conference will draw participants from the scientific community, policy-makers and EU representatives.
Contact: Anne Breuer, tel: +49 (0) 30 8599 6216, fax: +49 (0)30 8507 9826 e-mail:

Date 27-30 November 2006
Title ECONAG 2006 – The European conference on ageing
Location Innsbruck, Austria
Information Field: genomics, proteomics, biogerontology
The conference is focused on the latest advancements in genomic discovery and biogerontology. The panel of speakers includes 35 renowned experts representing 12 nations from Europe, Canada and the USA. The topics to be covered are:
  • the genomics and proteomics of ageing
  • ageing research – lessons from model organisms
  • age-associated dysfunction and diseases
  • oxidative stress and ageing

Contact: Doris Stolz , tel: + 43 (0) 512 576 526 fax: +43(0) 512 576 526 e-mail:

Date 3-4 November 2006
Title 7th EMBL/EMBO science and society conference – genes, brain/mind and behaviour
Location Heidelberg, Germany
Information Field: life sciences, the brain, bioethics
Research in the life sciences is revealing how genes are differentially expressed in the brain and how types of behaviour reflect the functioning of different neural networks. With new knowledge and drugs coming out of this research, the benefits to psychiatry and neuroscience could be huge, but this may raise important social, legal and bioethical issues which are the main focus of this gathering.
Contact: Halldór Stefánsson, tel: + 49 (0) 6221 387 493, fax: + 49 (0) 6221 387 525

Date 28 October-1 November 2006
Title International marine genomics conference 2006
Location Sorento, Italy
Information Field: marine genomics
This conference is organised by the EU-backed Network of Excellence Marine Genomics Europe and will cover the latest developments in developmental, environmental, evolutionary, and population genomics.
Contact: Gianna Di Gennaro and Romy Sole, tel: +39 081 583 3215, fax: +39 081 764 1355, e-mail: and

Date 26-27 October 2006
Title Food for life – meeting consumer needs
Location Brussels, Belgium
Information Field: Food safety and security, biotechnology
Organised by the CIAA, the Confederation of the Food and Drink Industries of the European Union, this conference will cover a wide range of food and health, food safety, as well as consumer-related issues. The European Commission and members of the food research community are expected to attend.
Contact: tel: +32 2 512 4442, fax: +32 2 502 4443, e-mail:

Date 25-27 October 2006
Title EuroBIO 2006
Location Paris, France
Information Field: biotechnology, life sciences, agri-food, health care, medicine
EuroBIO is an event which describes itself as standing at the biotech crossroads, i.e. the intersection of research and industry. This major gathering brings together key players in the bio-sciences and bio-industries to chart a course forward for Europe.
Contact: Céline Dumanoir, tel: +33 (0)4 72 77 45 88, e-mail:

Date 25-27 October 2006
Title International food and health innovation conference 2006
Location Malmo, Sweden
Information Field: food innovation, life sciences, biotech
New life science-based food concepts have the potential to be an important tool for combating diet-related disorders. The possibilities and challenges represented by such technolgies, in terms of prevention and therapy as well as innovation and marketing, are the focus of this gathering.

Date 12 October 2006
Title European Biotechnica Award 2006
Location Zurich, Switzerland
Information Field: biotechnology, awards
This is the fourth edition of this award which amount to €40 000. It is open (free of charge) to European SMEs which have distinguished themselves through their innovative products, services or business practices. The deadline for applications is 1 June 2006.

Contact: Oliver Wedekind, tel: +49 511/89-32128, fax: +49-511/89-31218, e-mail:

Date 11 October 2006
Title Life sciences partnering China-Europe
Location London, UK
Information Field: life science, biotechnology, entrepreneurship
This European Commission initiative aims to promote partnership, joint ventures and collaboration between European biotech enterprises and life science development agencies and their Chinese counterparts.
Contact: Aurelie Manzi, tel: +32 (0)2 644 6580, fax: +32 (0)2 644 6581 e-mail:

Date 29 September-2 October 2006
Title From human genetic variations to prediction of risks and responses to drugs and to the environment
Location Santorini Island, Greece
Information Field: genomics, pharmaceuticals, testing, risk and response
This gathering aims to bring together clinicians, laboratory medicine specialists, scientists from pharmaceutical industries, geneticists, epidemiologists to discuss how variability in human genome and proteom could be helpful and used for disease risk prediction, environmental risk evaluation, and more.
Contact: Brigitte Hiegel, fax: +33 (0)3 83 32 13 22 e-mail:

Date 19-20 September 2006
Title Bioforum
Location Milan, Italy
Information Field: biotechnology, life sciences
This event includes both a conference and an expo, bringing together biotech researchers, entrepreneurs, academics and policy-makers.

Date 8-10 September 2006
Title Advances in stem cell research
Location Lausanne, Switzerland
Information Field: stem cell research
This international gathering brings together leading scientists, clinicians, ethicists and legislators to discuss the latest issues in stem cell research. Programme highlights include sessions on embryonic and tissue stem cells, molecular regulation of stem cell fates, stem cells in development and degenerative diseases.
Contact: e-mail:

Date 29 June-1 July 2006
Title 4th International interdisciplinary conference on communication, medicine and ethics (COMET)
Location Cardiff, UK
Information Field: ethics, medicine, life sciences, communication
This interdisciplinary gathering will explore the issues relating to communication and ethics in healthcare. The research challenges covered include ageing and lifespan, health promotion initiatives, and more.
Contact: tel: +44 29 2087 4243, fax: +44 29) 2087 4242, e-mail:

Date 29-30 June 2006
Title ICT for bio-medical sciences 2006
Location Brussels, Belgium
Information Field: life sciences, ICT, EU-backed research
This Commission-organised conference focuses on topics that lie at the crossroads between information and communication technologies (ICT) research and life science research. It aims to present achievements to date and to discuss further challenges that could be addressed by the forthcoming Seventh 7th Framework for Research (2007-2013).
Contact: tel: +32 2 296 6949, fax: +32 2 296 0181, e-mail:

Date 19-22 June 2006
Title bioLOGIC Europe 2006
Location Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Information Field: biotechnology, competitiveness
This event aims to provide a complete and up-to-date picture of developments in the European biomanufacturing industry. Senior speakers from throughout Europe and worldwide will provide participants with essential information and practical experiences.
Contact: Bianca Geldenhuys, t el: +44 207 092 1224, fax: +44 207 242 2320,

Date 8 June 2006
Title European Union Day at Bangalore Bio 2006
Location Bangalore, India
Information Field: health research, biotechnology, food safety, agriculture research
With the greatly increased possibilities for participation by Indian researchers in the European Union's Research Framework Programme, the EU Day at Bangalore Bio 2006 was organised to promote greater collaboration between researchers from India and Europe in the field of the life sciences.
Contact: Mr. Callum Searle, European Commission. Fax: +32 2299 1672. Email:

Date 6-7 June 2006
Title Annual obesity Europe conference
Location Brussels, Belgium
Information Field: obesity, health, genetics, biotech
This conference will bring together experts from a multitude of disciplines to explore the genetic, dietary, lifestyle, social and economic aspects of obesity.
Contact: tel: +44 (0) 2920 642 701, fax: +44 (0) 2920 642 742, e-mail:

Date 30 May 2006
Title Biotechnology, the invisible revolution: looking back, looking forward
Location Brussels, Belgium
Information Field: biotechnology, the life sciences
On the occasion of European Biotechnology Day, this gathering will feature presentations and discussion surrounding the history and future of biotechnology. It will feature leading keynote speakers from academia, industry and policy-making circles.
Contact: Deirdre Hawes, tel: +32 2 735 0313, fax: +32 2 735 4960, e-mail:

Date 22-24 May 2006
Title Products from plants - the biorefinery future
Location Wageningen, the Netherlands
Information Field: plant genomics, biotechnology, sustainable energy
Fossil reserves are finite and increasingly expensive to use as raw materials for manufacture. Plants offer a sustainable solution. This workshop is open to stakeholders from academia, industry and the research community, as well as policy-makers. Together, they will seek to chart a course towards the biorefinery of the future.
Contact: tel: +44 (0) 1904 328 752, fax: +44 (0) 1904 328762 e-mail:

Date 22-24 May 2006
Title Third Central European congress on food (CEFood 2006)
Location Sofia, Bulgaria
Information Field: food quality and safety
CEFood 2006 an open international forum where academics and stakeholders from across Europe and around the world can propose knowledge-based solutions to the food quality and safety challenges facing the EU’s massive food and drinks sector.
Contact: CEFood secretariat, tel/fax: +359 2 980 1637, e-mail:

Date 8 May 2006
Title Biotech and Finance Forum
Location Munich, Germany
Information Field: biotech, life sciences, finance, venture capital, investment
This is the 11th edition of this Commission-backed forum which has developed into a unique pan-European initiative designed specifically to support biotech innovation and business in Europe. The most innovative and promising biotech, life sciences and med-tech companies will present their businesses to an extensive audience of Europe's leading life sciences and biotech investors and senior executives from top pharmaceutical firms.
Contact: Anneli Prohaska, tel: +32 2 644 6580, fax: +32 2 644 6581, e-mail:

Date 3-5 April 2006
Title Life sciences conference and expo
Location Boston, USA
Information Field: medicine, pharmaceuticals, biotech
This conference will focus on the latest technology developments and research breakthroughs covering the complete spectrum of topics involved in drug discovery up to market delivery.
Contact: Steven Galeotalanza, +1 (508) 988-7850,

Date 8-10 March 2006
Title BioSquare 2006
Location Geneva, Switzerland
Information Field: biotech, research, application, investment
This matchmaking platform enables top management of biotechnology companies to meet key research and business development executives from the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, agriculture, food, and finance industries.
Contact: Joerg Bachmayr, tel: +49 (89) 51 39 98 04, fax: +49 (89) 54 54 63 64,

Date 1-3 February 2006
Title Enhancing transparency from farm to fork – International food safety conference
Location Paris, France
Information Field: food safety and quality
This international gathering will focus on enhancing transparency along the entire length of the food distribution chain. Through the co-operation of all stakeholders, the food sector can work towards decreasing food safety scares and risks and provide better quality products for consumers.
Contact: Patricia Racher, tel: +33 4 92 38 56 50, fax: +33 4 92 38 56 33,

Date 28-30 November 2005
Title European biotech crossroads
Location Lille Flandre, France
Information Field: biotechnology, innovation, investment
This expo will offer the biotechnology community the opportunity to share new scientific knowledge, foster innovation, gather funding and seize new market opportunities. It will bring together 250 exhibitors from 30 countries and will draw an expected 3 000 professional visitors.
Contact: tel: +33 3 28 55 90 60, fax: +33 3 28 55 90 61, e-mail:

Date 14-18 November 2005
Title International Joint Bioethics Congress –inter-cultural bioethics: Asia and the West
Location Sanliurfa, Turkey
Information Field: bioethics, biotechnology, biosociety
This forum will act as a platform for discussing various bioethics issues in an inter-cultural manner by bringing together leading international scientists, clinicians, theologians, philosophers and legal scholars. Topics to be covered include global bioethics, community engagement in bioethics, bioethics education
Contact: Ms Rahime Yasar, tel: +90 414 312 9472, fax: +90 414 312 9428, e-mail:

Date 18-20 October 2005
Title Biotechnica
Location Hanover, Germany
Information Field: biotechnology, life sciences, exhibition
Biotechnica offers the opportunity for decision-makers from industry, the scientific community and the political arena to get together under one roof and explore the latest developments in the biotech sector. It is expected to attract about 1 000 exhibitors and 13 000 visitors from 25 countries.
Contact: Oliver Wedekind, tel: +49 511 89 32128, fax: +49 511 89 31 218

Date 9-11 October 2005
Title World life science week – BioPartnering Europe 2005 (BPE 2005)
Information Field: biotechnology, life sciences, partnering, investment
BPE 2005 is being held as part of World Life Science Week which will be developing a unique combination of partnering opportunities and networking events for delegates from Europe, the USA and Asia. This is the only European event with a truly global focus.
Contact: Technology Vision Group LLC, tel: +1 831 464 4230, fax: +1 831 464 4240

Date 15-16 September 2005
Title The knowledge-based bio-economy: transforming life science knowledge into new, sustainable, eco-efficient products
Location Brussels, Belgium
Information Field: bioscience, biotechnology, bio-econom
This Commission-hosted conference aims to prompt policy-makers and funding agency managers to develop flexible and well-adapted strategies and tools to persuade scientists and other operators to introduce bio-economic principles into their work
Contact: Registration form

Date 24-27 August 2005
Title Ethics and philosophy of emerging medical technologies
Location Barcelona, Spain
Information Field: bioethics, philosophy, biotechnology
This conference seeks to assemble a multidisciplinary group of experts to discuss the ethical and philosophical implications of emerging medical technologies.
Contact: Mr Bert Gordijn, tel: +31 24 361 5320, fax: +31 24 354 02 54, e-mail:

Date 15-18 June 2005
Title First international food and nutrition congress
Location Istanbul, Turkey
Information Field: food quality and safety
In light of the EU’s ‘fork to farm’ approach to food quality and safety, this international gathering will act as an international platform bringing together experts to explore a variety of issues, including food safety, food biotechnology, and organic and low input foods.
Contact: Tubitak Marmara Research Centre Food Institute, tel: +90 262 641 2300, fax: +90 262 641 2309, e-mail:

Date 6 June 2005
Title Biotech and finance forum
Location Munich, Germany
Information Field: biotechnology, life sciences, venture capital
This is the eighth edition of the forum which is designed specifically to support biotech innovation and business in Europe. The gathering aims to bring together the most innovative and promising biotech, life sciences and med-tech companies to present their businesses to an extensive audience of Europe's leading investors and senior executives from top pharmaceutical firms.
Contact: Europe Unlimited SA, tel: +32 2 644 65 80, fax: +32 2 644 65 81, e-mail:

Date 19-21 May 2005
Title 6th international symposium on pre-implantation genetics
Location London, UK
Information Field: genetics, human fertility
In light of the recent advances in pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), this international gathering will explore such topics as DNA and reproduction, IVF today, PGD and the human embryo, male infertility, reproductive endocrinology and donation and sharing.
Contact: Alabanda, tel: +90 312 440 5600, fax: +90 312 440 5597, e-mail:

Date 21-22 April 2005
Title Sustainable communication in medical life sciences
Location Padova, Italy
Information Field: biotechnology, bioscience, medicine
This workshop is the last workshop organised by the EU-funded ECOD-BIO. It aims to bring European bioscience communicators, scientists, industry delegates and policy-makers together to discuss and evaluate bioscience communications practices. It will seek to a set of guidelines for the evaluation of communication initiatives.
Contact: Laura Isnardi, tel: +39 010 860 5322 , e-mail:

Date 8-13 April 2005
Title Biomedical technology and practice reconsidered
Location Doorn (near Utrecht), the Netherlands
Information Field: biomedicine, biotechnology, bioscience
This European Science Foundation conference will examine some of the basic notions that have become important in various fields within the life sciences. Life, nature and contingency will be discussed in the context of the latest developments in biomedicine and their social, philosophical and ethical importance.
Contact: Corinne Le Moal, tel: +33 388 76 7135, fax: +33 388 36 6987

Date 6-7 April 2005
Title Advances in stem cell research
Location Milan, Italy
Information Field: stem cell research, regenerative medicine, biotechnology, bioethics
Organised by the EU-funded EuroStemCell project, this international conference will bring together scientists, ethicists, clinicians and legislators to discuss. They will discuss such issues as the potential of stem cell research, possible applications and the ethical aspects of this emerging field.

Date 9-11 March 2005
Title Science and Society Forum 2005
Location Brussels, Belgium
Information Field: communication, science, society, popularisation
This forum aims to foster debate and information exchange between the scientific community and society at large.
Contact: Science and Society Unit, Research Directorate-General, European Commission, e-mail: RTD

Date 4-5 March 2005
Title Stem cell 2005 – progress to therapy?
Location Edinburgh, UK
Information Field: stem cell research, gene therapy
The Scottish Stem Cell Network is organising this international conference to review and discuss the progress towards therapeutic application in the field of stem cells.
Contact: Triangle Three Ltd, tel: +44 208 875 2440, Fax: +44 208 875 2434, e-mail:

Date 23-25 February 2005
Title Evolution of the life sciences industries
Location Edinburgh, UK
Information Field: life sciences, biotechnologies
This international conference will bring together managers from industry, scientists, policy-makers, and academics. They will discuss how to improve policy-making and improved strategic decision-making in companies, regulatory agencies and government departments connected with biotechnology and the life sciences.
For more information, read the conference flyer [ - 580 Kb]

Date 3-5 February 2005
Title Advancing science and society interactions
Location Seville, Spain
Information Field: science, society, communication, research, science shops
This international gathering will provide an interdisciplinary forum of interest to people already active in community and participatory research – such as science shops – and to those interested in advancing relations between science and society.
Contact: Ismael Castro, tel: +34 95 450 6605, fax: +34 95 422 3512, e-mail:

Date 9-10 December 2004
Title The future of scientific and technological research in Europe
Location Brussels, Belgium
Information Field: research policy, fp7
Research, together with education and innovation, is essential in a knowledge-based economy capable of realising sustainable economic growth. This workshop seeks to foster a policy debate between the Commission and inter-governmental research institutions on the EUÂ's major research objectives.
Website:  [PDF document - 192 Kb]
Contact: Union Syndicale Fedrale, tel: +32 2 733 9800, fax:+32 2 733 0533

Date 6-7 December 2004
Title Images of science: new interactions between science and society
Location Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Information Field: Science, media, perception
Contact: Dr. Koos van der Bruggen, tel: +31 70 342 1542, fax: +31 70 363 3488, e-mail:

Date 1 December 2004
Title The ticking timebomb – the metabolic syndrome
Location London, UK
Information Field:
This conference seeks to examine the implications of the rising prevalence of what has become known as the metabolic syndrome, i.e. the clustering of risk factors, such as obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes, leading to cardiovascular disease. The gathering will also present the EU-backed Lipgene project which was set up to explore this growing problem.
Contact: Helen Marriott, tel: +44 20 7404 6504, fax: +44 20 7404 6747, e-mail:

Date 11-14 November 2004
Title Third recombinant protein production meeting
Location Algarve, Portugal
Information Field: biotechnology, protein production, industry
This gathering aims to assess the technological options for recombinant protein production. It will address the scientific and business rationales for selecting prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells for the wide range of final applications.
Contact: Alexandra Azevedo, tel: +351 21 446 9362, fax: + 351 21 442 1161, e-mail:

Date 9-12 November 2004
Title 7th world congress of bioethics
Location Sydney, Australia
Information Field: bioethics
The theme for this year’s congress is ‘Deep listening: bridging divides in local and global ethics’. It will give stakeholders from around the world the opportunity to air their views and share experiences with their colleagues.
Contact: Event Coordinator, tel: +61 9385 3503, fax: +61 9313 6185, e-mail:

Date 5-6 November 2004
Title Time and ageing-mechanisms and meanings
Location Heidelberg, Germany
Information Field: bioethics and society
Science and technology sometimes have a pervasive impact on the way people live their lives. This event will group experts from a variety of disciplines who will discuss what human genetics and biology have uncovered about the nature of time and ageing in living organisms..
Contact: EMBL, tel. + 49 6221 387493, fax: + 49 6221 387525, e-mail:

Date 4-7 November 2004
Title XII Annual congress of the European Society of Gene Therapy
Location Tampere, Finland
Information Field: gene therapy, medicine, diseases, stem cell research
Some 600 to 800 leading academics and industry scientists will gather in Tampere to discuss the development of human cell and gene therapies to combat inherited and debilitating diseases. Participates will explore the scientific, social, economic and ethical issues involved.
Contact: Congrex Sweden AB, tel: +46 8 459 6600, fax: +46 8 661 9125, e-mail:

Date 2-4 November 2004
Title A European strategy for biotechnology and life sciences
Location Maastricht, the Netherlands
Information Field: biotechnology, life science, EU policy
This satellite conference will bring together Commission officials and representatives from the research community. The Research DG will outline opportunities for participation in EU-funded projects, and researchers involved in current projects will present their own experiences. Stakeholders will also discuss strategies for making the European life sciences sector more competitive.
Contact: Paul LA Hamm,

Date 2-3 November 2004
Title Partnering event – white biotechnology
Location Maastricht, the Netherlands
Information Field: biotechnology, industrial applications, applied life sciences
This partnering event seeks to bring together research institutes and technology-oriented companies to help them forge lasting partnership in ‘white’ biotechnology. This emerging field translates promising life science research into actual industrial applications, such as biomaterials.
Contact: Elvis Biekman, tel: +31 70 373 5223, e-mail:

Date 28-29 October 2004
Title International Fresenius conference on GM crops and foods
Location Cologne, Germany
Information Field: GMOs, agriculture, food production
This international gathering will explore the most important issues facing the global and European GMOs sector. Highlights will include the current status of GM crops across the world, EU policy, and the implementation in Europe of legislation on traceability and labelling.
Website: [PDF document - 116 Kb]
Contact: Monika Stratmann, tel: +49 231 75896-48 e-mail:

Date 27-28-29 October 2004
Title Integrating Safety and Nutrition Research along the Food Chain: the New Challenge
Location Lille, France
Information Field: food quality and safety
This conference aims to review the results obtained during the Fifth Framework Programme (FP5) and the beginning of FP6 in the field of food quality and safety, and so prepare the next call for proposals and provide recommendations for FP7.
Programme [PDF document - 131 Kb]
Contact: Mrs Pauline Decanter, tel: +33 3 2098 2525, fax: +33 3 2098 2535, e-mail:

Date 17-18 September 2004
Title Fifth International Gene Forum
Location Tartu, Estonia
Information Field:genetics and genomics
The International Gene Forum is an annual scientific conference, biobusiness workshop and exhibition on genetics and genomics.
Contact:Estonian Genome Foundation, tel: +372 7 420 132, fax: +372 7 440 421

Date 30 August - 1 September 2004
Title Genomics Momentum 2004: Genomics for our world
Location Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Information Field: biotechnology, science and society
The conference will discuss the impact of genomics on society in four areas of importance for the world: the ageing population, the hungry in the world, the sustainable development and mobility.
For more information: summary [PDF document - 59 Kb]
Contact: Project Office Genomics Momentum 2004, tel: +31 70 356 1534, fax: +31 70 356 0349, e-mail:

Date 25-28 August 2004
Title Ethical, legal and social aspects of human genetic databases
Location Reykjav쩬 Iceland
Information Field: bioethics, genes, databases, law, science and society
This conference explores the various issues - legal, social and ethical - related to maintaining databases on human genes.
Contact: Ms Gardara Arnason, e-mail:

Date 25-28 August 2004
Title Euroscience open forum 2004
Location Stockholm, Sweden
Information Field: science, society, technology, awareness
This conference will provide a forum for open dialogue on the role of science and technology in European society. It aims to stimulate scientific awareness and foster debate on the relationship between science and society.
Contact: Ms Gabriella Norlin, tel: +46 8 546 44 154, e-mail:

Date 20-22 June 2004
Title Bio Ireland 2004
Location Coleraine, Northern Ireland, UK
Information Field: biotechnologies, science, business
The conference will involve a mix of international and local experts speaking on both the science and the business involved in biotechnologies.
Contact: Cheryl McParland, tel: +44 28 9756 1993; fax: +44 28 9756 5073

Date 17-18 June 2004
Title Food: new challenges after a century of progress
Location Paris, France
Information Field: food quality and safety
This conference addresses the present food concerns of scientists, manufacturers and consumers and will pave the way to the EU-backed conference 'Role of European Framework Programmes in developing food safety research integration into the food chain'.
Contact: Ms Chantal Iannarelli, tel: +33 1 4771 9004, fax: +33 1 4771 9005, e-mail:

Date 17-18 June 2004
Title Thinking beyond tomorrow - a safe and nutritious food chain for the consumer
Location Dublin, Ireland
Information Field: food science, food technology
As part of the Irish Presidency's scientific programme, this conference will bring together world-class experts who will outline the most recent developments in food science and technology.
Contact: Ciara McDonagh, tel: +353 1 805 9500, e-mail:

Date 16-18 June 2004
Title Food and feed safety in the context of prion diseases
Location Namur, Belgium
Information Field: science, food and feed safety, prion diseases
This symposium will give an overview of the latest scientific achievements in food and feed safety in the context of prion diseases (Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy - TSE). Oral presentations, posters and exhibition sessions are planned.
Contact: Stratfeed Secrétariat, fax: +32 81 620 388, e-mail :

Date 10-15 June 2004
Title Impact of the humanities on the development of European science
Location Venice, Italy
Information Field: humanities, science, history, research
This ‘summer school’ aims to show how the humanities and the sciences have interacted in a creative way since the Scientific Revolution, and how that fruitful dialogue is carried out at the present time.
Contact: Ms Carole Mabrouk, tel: +33 3 88 76 7126, fax: +33 3 88 37 0532

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