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Forthcoming events

Date 1-6 November 2008
Title Biobanks: introduction and next steps
Location Sant Feliu de Guixols, Spain
Information Field: Biotechnology, Bioinformatics
The conference, which is organised by the European Science Foundation in cooperation with the University of Barcelona, Spain, will be focused on providing a platform for discussion on all aspects involved in the governance, management and use of human biobanks, technical solutions, ethical, legal, and social aspects, also providing participants with a broad overview of the existing models of biobanks and the international initiatives on population-based and disease-oriented biobanks.

Date 7-8 November 2008
Title Conference on systems and synthetic biology
Location Heidelberg, Germany
Information Field: Molecular Biology
This is a joint EMBL/EMBO (European Molecular Biology Laboratory/European Molecular Biology Organization) conference.

Systems and synthetic biology are emerging inter-related frontiers in early 21st century biology. Potential benefits, as well as societal, ethical and safety concerns of systems/synthetic biology should be addressed from the start, so that these new fields of science can further develop in an environment of public trust. These are some of the main issues that will be the focus of the conference.

Date 14-16 November 2008
Title European City of Science
Location Paris, France
Information Field: Science Communication
The event aims to show the general public a vision of European research. Some 80 project areas will be presented in the squares and streets of the City of Science, presenting the work of research teams and their results. In addition, visitors can participate in workshops and activities, while special educational and fun programmes are in store for children.

The event is organised by the French Ministry for Higher Education and Research under the auspices of the French Presidency of the European Union.

Date 17-18 November 2008
Title EU/US research and education workshop
Location Atlanta, USA
Information Field: Science Education
Devoted to the internationalisation of research and graduate studies, the workshop will provide a forum for research leaders and policy makers at universities and research institutes, as well as scientists with experience of research abroad, to discuss issues related to researcher mobility and transatlantic collaboration.

Key questions to be addressed include:
- How can the development of transatlantic degrees be stimulated to attract more talented young people into science careers?
- What innovative curricula are needed to prepare the next generation of scientists and engineers to engage in global research and development (R&D) careers?
- What scientist mobility schemes can best contribute to the building of lasting transatlantic networks of excellence?
- How can the transatlantic mobility of scientists best contribute to innovation in a global context?

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