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Epidemiology of food-related diseases and allergies

  1. DIOGENES - Diet, Obesity and Genes
  2. EFCOVAL - European Food Consumption Validation
  3. EUROFIR - European Food Information Resource network
  4. EUROPREVALL - The prevalence, cost and basis of food allergy across Europe
  5. EURRECA - Harmonising nutrient recommendations across Europe with special focus on vulnerable groups and consumer understanding
  6. HELENA - Healthy Lifestyle in Europe by Nutrition in Adolescence
  7. IDEFICS - Identification and prevention of dietary- and lifestyle-induced health effects in children and infants
  8. NUTRI-SENEX - Improving the quality of life of elderly people by coordinating research into malnutrition of the frail elderly
  9. PREVENTCD - Influence of the dietary history in the prevention of coeliac disease: possibilities of induction of tolerance for gluten in genetically predisposed children
  10. ZINCAGE - Nutritional zinc, oxidative stress and immunosenescence: biochemical, genetic and lifestyle implications for healthy ageing

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