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  1. ALCUE-FOOD - From European fork to Latin American farm: an innovative networking platform for EU-LAC partnerships in food quality and safety R&D
  2. BIOACTIVE-NET - Assessment and dissemination of strategies for the extraction of BIOACTIVE-NET compounds from tomato, olive and grape processing residues
  3. BIODET - Networking in the application of Biosensors to pesticide Detection in fruits and vegetables
  4. BIOPOLIS - Inventory and analysis of national public policies that stimulate research in life sciences and biotechnology, its exploitation and commercialisation by industry in Europe in the period 2001-2004
  5. BIOPOP - Pilot study on innovative approaches to public communication of life sciences and biotechnology by students and young researchers
  6. BIOPRODUCTS 4 FOOD - Disseminating the results of EC-funded research into food quality and safety to facilitate their transfer and exploitation into new products and processes to improve European health and well-being
  7. BIOSAFENET - Biosafety research communication Network
  8. BRAFO - A Specific Support Action to investigate the Benefit/Risk Analysis for Foods
  9. CDEUSSA - European platform for research on prevention and treatment of coeliac disease: a multidisciplinary approach to integrate basic scientific knowledge in clinical applications and the food industry
  10. CEAF - Stimulating participation of the Central Europe Agri-Food sector in the FP6
  11. CEC ANIMAL SCIENCE - Support to animal science organisation from central Europe candidate countries
  12. CHANNEL - Opening channels of communication between the associated candidate countries and the EU in ecological farming
  13. CLONING IN PUBLIC - Farm animal cloning and the public: a project to facilitate a European public debate and to make recommendations on regulation and on guidelines for research and applications of farm animal cloning
  14. CODE-EFABAR - Code of good practice for Farm Animal Breeding and Reproduction
  15. CONSUMER-CHOICE - Do European consumers buy GMO foods?
  16. DIALREL - Religious slaughter: improving knowledge and expertise through dialogue and debate on issues of welfare, legislation and socioeconomic aspects
  17. DIVERSEEDS - Networking on conservation and use of plant genetic resources in Europe and Asia
  18. EAGLES FOOD - European Action on Global Life Sciences - Food Forum
  19. EAN-SEABUCK - Establishment of European-Asian Network for the development of strategies to enhance the sustainable use of sea buckthorn
  20. E-MENSA - E-platform technologies for the European agro-food supply chain
  21. ENVIRFOOD - Environment-friendly food production system: requirements for plant breeding and seed production
  22. EPIPAGRI - Towards European collective management of Public Intellectual Property for Agricultural biotechnologies
  23. ERMES - European Research for Mediterranean Seafood
  24. ETNA - European Training and Networking Activity in plant genomics and bioinformatics
  25. E-TRUST - Building trust for quality assurance in emerging markets for food chains
  26. EU-BALKAN-FABNET - EU-Western Balkans network for training and the promotion of cooperation in research activities within the Food, Agriculture and Biotechnology area of FP7
  27. EUFOOD4LIFE - European technology platform for the agro-food sector: food for life
  28. EULAFF - European federation of biotechnology Latin America Action on Functional Foods
  29. EURO MED CITRUS NET - Safe and high quality supply chains and networks for the citrus industry between Mediterranean partner countries and Europe
  30. EUROLATSEA - European Research for the Latin-American Seafood industry
  31. EUROLYMPH - Collaborative European action into environmental, nutritional and genetic factors in non-Hodgkin's lymphoma aetiology
  32. EU-US-SAFE-FOOD - Developing a strategic transatlantic approach to food safety
  33. FEED-SEG - Healthy feed for safety - dissemination of research results of EC-funded research on feed quality
  34. FOOD-FRENZ - Food Research in Europe and New Zealand (Food-Frenz): A complementary network to stimulate consumer-focused research collaboration across food sectors
  35. FOOD-N-CO - Cooperation network of national contact points with a special focus on third countries in the area of food quality and safety
  36. FORALLVENT - Forum for Allergy prevention
  37. FUNCTIONAL-FOODNET - Exploitation of functional food science by creating a European network of food industries
  38. FUTUREFOOD6 - Healthy and safe food for the future - a technology foresight project in Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia
  39. GLOFAL - Global view of Food Allergy: opportunities to study the influence of microbial exposure
  40. GMO-COMPASS - GMO communication and safety evaluation platform
  41. GO-GLOBAL - Global Platform on emerging risk in the food and feed chain
  42. GUTHEALTH - Networking in candidate countries towards food, GI-tract functionality and human health
  43. GUTIMPACT - Innovations and impact of gut health foods: a virtual technology platform
  44. INFOODNETWORK - Sharing information on food-related environmental, safety and traceability aspects among European small to medium farms
  45. INJOY & TRAIN - East European cooperation network for international joint training in FP6/FP7 food quality and safety for EU-Russia-Ukraine-Armenia-Belarus (R-U-A-B) countries
  46. INPLISTA - Information Platform on International Standards for SMEs in the food sector
  47. IRFOS - Integration of European food safety research from producers to consumers
  48. MAC-OILS - Mapping and Comparing Oils
  49. MEDA GO TO EUROPE - Enhancing the participation of Mediterranean countries in the area of food quality and safety in the FP7
  50. MOSAICS - Development of a system for appropriate management of access and transfer of microbial resources - Micro-Organisms Sustainable use and Access regulation Integrated Conveyance System
  51. MREFS - A Multimedia Repository on European Food Science: production, quality and safety
  52. MYCO-GLOBE - Integration of mycotoxin and toxigenic fungi research for food safety in global systems
  53. NMSACC-PCVD - PCVD: Towards improved food quality and safety within EU new Member States and associated candidate countries
  54. OPTIMILK - Quality, safety and value optimisation of the milk supply chain in rapidly evolving central and eastern European markets
  55. OTAG - Operational management and geodecisional prototype to track and Trace Agricultural production
  56. PETER - Promoting European Traceability Excellence & Research
  57. POLFOOD - Research and innovation in food technologies - brokering European partnership and transfer of knowledge to Poland by a series of practical workshops
  58. QUALITYMEAT - Survey on the research landscape in the associated candidate countries for monitoring and promoting good quality meat production - the whole food-chain, from farm to fork, of poultry and pork meat
  59. SAFEFOODNET - Chemical food safety network for the enlarging Europe
  60. SAFOODNET - Food safety and hygiene networking within new EU countries and associated candidate countries
  61. SCIENCE 4 BIOREG - Global involvement of public research scientists in regulations of biosafety and Agricultural biotechnology
  62. SELAMAT - Safety enhancement of Edible products, Legislation, Analysis and Management, with ASEM countries, by mutual Training & research.
  63. SMEs-NET - SMEs networking European food safety stakeholders
  64. SUSTAINAQ - Sustainable aquaculture production through the use of recirculation systems
  65. TDC-OLIVE - Setting up a network of Technology Dissemination Centres to optimise SMEs in the olive and olive oil sector
  66. TECARE - Transregional cooperative platform for competitiveness in meat research and SMEs
  67. TESTMETEDECO - Development of test methods for the detection and characterisation of endocrine-disrupting chemicals in environmental species.
  68. TOSSIE - Towards Sustainable Sugar Industry in Europe
  69. TOWARDS - Migrating networks from a producer towards a market orientation within the agri-food sector
  70. TRAIN-NET FUTURE - Training network for national contact points and support organisations with special focus on candidate countries in the areas of food quality and safety
  71. WHITE BIOTECH TP - A European technology platform on industrial biotechnology for sustainable development
  72. YOUNG-TRAIN - Training and mentoring young scientists from candidate, associated and Mediterranean countries in a whole food chain approach to quality and safety

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