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A food alarm has sounded across Europe, and early career animal scientists (ECS) are rising to the challenge. With consumer demand for improvement in the transparency and accountability of systems increasing, the ECS will focus on the quality and safety of meats being offered to EU citizens. Specifically, nations from Central and Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean, including EU Member States, Candidate Countries or countries associated to the EU will have to meet transnational food standards and adopt innovative strategies on quality and safety, to stay competitive.


The YOUNG-TRAIN project aims to further knowledge on meat quality and safety with training and mentoring through a network approach. Thereby it will make them aware of current EU research challenges posed by the whole food chain. They are trained in presentational and e-Learning techniques, and counselled by a multidisciplinary steering group representing food chain stakeholders. Furthermore, YOUNGTRAIN gives these young scientists the impetus to submit prospective research proposals on the future framework programme. It also advances the dissemination and use of research results relating to a whole food chain approach to meat quality and safety. As a result, research into the food chain approach is developed through the training of the ECS who lead the research on developing processes, in order to make sure that their respective countries' needs and problems are addressed.


YOUNG-TRAIN supports, stimulates and facilitates the participation and collaboration of scientists from Candidate, Central and Eastern European and Mediterranean Countries. The project will also promote future programmes on quality and safety issues of the whole food chain approach. It is not enough for researchers to participate in projects; they must expand their knowledge to ensure that key issues, like animal welfare, and economic and societal concerns, among others, are assessed.

They will work together with members of the study commissions and working groups of the European Federation of Animal Science (EAAP), who are aware of safety, ethical and environmental concerns about livestock systems and problems in the Candidate and Mediterranean countries, to make sure that YOUNGTRAIN'S deliverables meet the demands of the general public. Moreover, collaboration between ECS and retail and consumer groups will support the initiative.


The Early Career Scientists will take part in a specific symposium, training sessions and round table discussions, permitting them to gain access to the mainstream research area and to the broader influences of consumer and public needs. Cooperation with National Contact Points (NCPs) will further the participants' quest to establish food quality and safety in their respective countries.

The YOUNG-TRAIN project will help define and support the whole food chain concept by encouraging ECS to connect with other scientists and build communication between researchers. Better information interfaces between research groups and the food chain will be set up. The definition of the whole food chain and livestock system RTD needs will be addressed, and links between different countries and NCPs in food quality and safety will be enhanced. A challenge, yes, but definitely something YOUNG-TRAIN participants are well trained to handle.

List of Partners

  • European Association for Animal Production (Italy)
  • Teagasc - Agriculture and Food Development Authority - Ashtown Food Research Centre (Ireland)
  • Institut de Recerca I Tecnologia Agrolimentáries (Spain)
  • Departments of Animal Product Processing and Qualification and Animal Physiology and Hygiene, University of Kaposvár (Hungary)
  • Institute for Learning and Research Technology, University of Bristol (UK)
  • Animal Nutrition and Nutritional Diseases, Veterinary Faculty of Firat University (Turkey)
  • Kozponti Elelmiszer- Tudomanyi Kutatointezet (Hungary)
  • Agricultural Institute of Slovenia (Slovenia)
  • Baltic Genofund (Lithuania)
  • Institut Agronomique et Vétérinaire Hassan II, Dept. Sciences Alimentaires et Nutritionnelles (Morocco)
Full title:
Training and mentoring early career scientists from candidate, associated and Mediterranean countries in a whole food chain approach to quality and safety
Contract n°:
Project co-ordinator:
Cledwyn Thomas,
European Association for Animal Production
EC Scientific Officer:
Jean-François Maljean,
EU contribution:
€ 559,680
Specific Support Action

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