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Documents on food quality and safety issues

The fight against obesity: Examples of EU projects in the field of nutrition and obesity [PDF document – 1.05 Mb]

2025: a vision for plant genomics and biotechnology [PDF document – 704 kb]

SPEECH/04/58: Philippe Busquin European Commissioner in charge of Research A European research area for agriculture and food research European Agro-Food Research conference Wageningen (2.02.2004 )

Summary report of the EURAGRI conference: ‘Science for society-science with society; how can research on food and agriculture in Europe better respond to citizens’ expectations and demands?’

Introduction to Food quality and safety (FP6 priority area) [PDF document – 400 kb]

White paper on Food safety (12.01.2000) [PDF document – 144 kb]

Quality of Life and Management of Living Resources programme implemented under the Fifth Framework Programme (1999-2002)
Key Action 1: Food, Nutrition & Health

Ethical, legal and socio-economic aspects of agriculture, fisheries and food biotechnology - An Overview of Research Activities 1994-2002 [PDF document – 828 kb]

The process of addressing the ethical dimension of animal experimentation and implementing the principle of the Three Rs under the « Quality of life » programme (July 2002) [PDF document – 308 kb]

Report on the Future of the Biotechnology Industry (28.02.2001) - European Parliament Committee on Industry, External Trade, Research and Energy [PDF document – 98 kb]

Report on the impact of biotechnology on agriculture (03.02.1998) European Parliament Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development [PDF document – 43 kb]

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