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Ethics networks

Below is a list of pan-European and international organisations specialising in the ethical aspects of the life sciences, biotechnology, agriculture, food safety and health.

European Ethics Network
The European Ethics Network is a pan-European forum promoting the ethical dimension of scientific research, business and public policy. It aims to ensure that experts in all fields are equipped with “the ability to deal with the fundamental questions of life and a capacity to discern the values which are at stake”.

European Federation of Biotechnology
The European Federation of Biotechnology is a not-for-profit organisation that brings together research institutions, companies and individuals across Europe interested in the promotion of biotechnology.

European Society for Agricultural and Food Ethics (EurSafe)
Eursafe is an independent organisation encouraging professional debate and academic research focusing on agriculture and food supply.

The United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) has designated ‘ethics in food and agriculture’ as a priority area for interdisciplinary action and has set up a committee to look into the issue.

Science and Society website
Forging better ties between the scientific community and society at large is a cornerstone of the EU’s Sixth Framework programme. This website contains information on policy actions and Science and Society’s five main themes, including ethics, aimed at promoting this crucial interaction between science and society.

The American Journal of Bioethics
This is a peer-reviewed collection of academic works on emerging issues in bioethics. The website also contains the ‘Ajob’ forum for the discussion of new bioethical developments.

The Biotechnology Policy Group (The Open University, Milton Keynes - UK)
The Biotechnology Policy Group conducts research which relates biotechnology to the broader issues of agriculture, sustainability, regulation and technological change.

UNESCO, the United Nations’ cultural and educational arm, is undertaking efforts to promote a broad international debate on the ethics of scientific knowledge and technology. The organisation’s International Bioethics Committee was set up to respond to the major concerns raised by the progress made in the life and health sciences, in particular genetics and biotechnology.


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