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National ethics committees

Below is a list of national ethics committees specialising in the ethical aspects of the life sciences, biotechnology, agriculture, food safety and health.

EU Member States

Austria A commission on bioethics was established at the Federal Chancellery in June 2001.
Belgium Belgian Consultative Committee on Bioethics
Cyprus National Bioethics Committee of Cyprus
Bulgaria Central Ethics Commission
Czech Republic The Center for Bioethics
Denmark The Danish Ethics Council
Estonia Estonian Council of Bioethics
Finland Board for Gene Technology
National Advisory Board on Research Ethics
National Committee on Medical Research Ethics
France National Consultative Committee of Ethics
Germany The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft [DE]
The Zentrale Ethikkommission [DE]
The German National Ethics Council and the inquiry of the Commission of the German Parliament on Law and Ethics in Medicine

Greece The National Bioethics Committee
Hungary National Bioethics Commission
Ireland The Irish Council for Bioethics
Italy The Italian National Bioethics Committee
Latvia The Central Medical Ethics Committee
Lithuania Lithuania Bioethics Committee
Luxembourg National Consultative Ethics Commission
Malta Bioethics Consultative Committee
Netherlands The Health Council
Poland Commission of Bioethics
Portugal National Council of Ethics for Life Sciences
Romania Bioethics Commission
The Slovak Republic National Ethics Committee
Slovenia National Medical Ethics Committee
Spain The Spanish National Commission on Human Reproduction; the Spanish Observatory of Law and Ethics
Sweden The Swedish Research Council and the Swedish National Council on Medical Ethics
United Kingdom The Nuffield Council on Bioethics and the Central Office for Research Ethics Committees

Candidate countries

Turkey Ethics Council

Third countries

Canada Canadian Institute for Health Research
Croatia No legislation/regulation
Iceland National Bioethics Committee
Israel The Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities
Norway The Norwegian Ministry of Health
The Norwegian Biotechnology Advisory Board
The National Committee on Medical Research Ethics
Switzerland The Central Ethics Committee of the Swiss Academy of Medical Science
Swiss Ethics Committee on Non-human Gene Technology
Swiss National Advisory Commission on Biomedical Ethics
USA National Bioethics Advisory Commission

The European Group on Ethics in Science and New Technologies


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