Knowledge Based Bio-Economy

Newsletter - September 2011

Food safety improved through European research

Recent E. coli and Salmonella outbreaks raised concerns about the food supply chain on which we all depend. Research projects funded by the European Commission are developing the knowledge and technology required to secure the safety and supply of nutritious food in Europe... read more

Preserving the ground beneath us through research

Healthy human societies and vibrant ecosystems require sound soil systems. The European Commission has funded an extensive range of research projects aimed at reducing soil erosion, depletion of organic matter content and soil-acidification. This knowledge supports soil systems and the economic productivity of today's farms and forests... read more

New trends in biotechnology

Biologists have learned how to rewire the genetic circuitry of bacteria so they eat up dispersed chemical pollutants in the environment. Just around the corner may lie personalised medicine, as doctors design tailor-made treatments based on the nearly instantaneous genetic profiling of patients... read more

A new Horizon for Research and Innovation – interview with Maive Rute

The new EU proposed multi-annual budget for 2014-2020 contemplates a 46% increase in the share allocated to Research and Innovation, seen as essential to the success of Europe in this period and beyond. Still under discussion, the overall amount for Horizon 2020 should rise to EUR 80 billion in constant 2011 prices, excluding funding for ITER. For Maive Rute, Director of the Directorate of Food, Agriculture and Biotechnology, these are "intense and exciting times", as Europe shows it is serious about investing in Research and Innovation... read more


  • Tobacco plant to combat HIV
    After years of regulatory wrangling, a first-of-its kind trial of an HIV prophylactic churned out... read more
  • Food and Nutrition in the 21st century - conference
    The European Conference on 'Food and Nutrition in the 21st Century' took place in... read more
  • Participate in the public consultation on the ERA Framework
    The European Commission has launched a public online consultation on the... read more


Did you know?

  • In 2009, the bio-based economy in Europe was estimated to be worth €2 trillion.
  • The bio-economy provides around 22 million jobs in Europe.
  • Nearly €7 billion will be spent to kick-start innovation through the 2011 Call.
  • Demand for food is expected to increase by as much as 70% globally by 2050.