Support to Policies

Knowledge Based Bio-Economy

Support to Policies

Strengthening the links between research funded projects and EU policies is essential. It will contribute to reinforce the dialogue with policymakers at national and European level, to provide them with scientific evidence for policymaking, and therefore to give more transparency and usefulness to research results outside the academic community.

Here are the interactions between the Directorate for Food, Agriculture and Fisheries and Biotechnology Research and other Directorates General o the European Commission

Interactions with DG SANCO in the fields of

  • plant health and plant protection,
  • animal health and welfare (including fish and seafood),
  • food security and food safety
  • sustainability,
  • obesity,
  • cloning and food from cloned animals.

Interactions with DG AGRI in the fields of

  • organic farming,
  • quality products,

Interactions with DG ENV in the fields of

  • soil protection,
  • water,
  • waste management,
  • use of plant and microbial genetic resources in agriculture and forestry and fostering functional biodiversity,
  • forest protection.

Interactions with DG MARE in the fields of

  • Common Fisheries Policy (FCP)
  • aquaculture – fish farming,
  • maritime policy including its environment pillar, the Marine Strategy framework directive.

Interactions with DG ENTR in the fields of

  • eco-innovation in the food industry, particularly SMEs
  • practical industrial application of new technologies or research results and in development of industrially relevant technologies.
  • A number of topics in WP2010 are specifically designed to encourage participation by SMEs and industry in research and innovation

Interactions with DG DEVCO in the fields of

  • Millenium Development Goals