Network of National Contact Points

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Network of National Contact Points (NCPs)

Network of National Contact Points (NCPs)

The National Contact Points' network is the main provider of advice and individual assistance in all Member States and Associated Countries. NCPs are national structures established and financed by governments of the 27 EU Member States and Associated Countries. NCPs give tailored, on-the-spot support in local languages.

By using the NCP network you can easily find the contact details of the designated National Contact Points in your country.

The NCP systems in the different countries are organised in a wide variety of ways, from highly centralised to decentralised networks, and a number of very different actors, from ministries to universities, research centres and special agencies to private consulting companies. This reflects the different national traditions, working methodologies, research landscapes and funding schemes.

Since NCPs are appointed in each of the FP7 areas, when seeking support you should contact the one which is most relevant to your area of interest.

The NCPs working in the ‘Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, and Biotechnology’ sector are called BIO-NCPs.

Some projects, such as BIO-NET or BIOCIRCLE, combine the efforts of NCPs for the FP7 KBBE theme. While the former is active in all European countries, the latter brings together research communities from all over the world.

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