Knowledge Based Bio-Economy Network

Knowledge Based Bio-Economy


The Knowledge Based Bio-Economy Network (KBBE-NET)

The KBBE-NET is a high-level expert group launched in 2006, with members from all EU Member States and Associated Countries to the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7).

The main role of the KBBE-NET is to support the European Commission and EU Member States to achieve a coordinated approach for the development and implementation of a European research policy related to the Knowledge Based Bio-Economy (KBBE). It acts in coordination with the Standing Committee on Agricultural Research (SCAR).

KBBE-NET objectives:

  • Strategic discussion and recommendations for establishing a long-term European Research Agenda (FP7 and beyond) which should allow the building of a European Knowledge Based Bio-Economy.
  • Exchange of information between Member States regarding national research policies and mapping of activities, including international cooperation.
  • Cooperation between Member States (in relation to launching joint research programmes, common infrastructures, and training programmes as appropriate).

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