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Coordination of research activities: the ERA-NET scheme

The core message of the European Research Area is the need to overcome the traditional fragmentation of research efforts in the EU through better coordination and cooperation.

The ERA-NET scheme is about the coordination and cooperation of national and regional programmes: national and regional authorities identify research programmes they wish to coordinate or open up mutually. Thus, the participants in these actions are either programme 'owners' (typically ministries or regional authorities defining research programmes) or programme 'managers' (such as research councils or other research funding agencies managing research programmes).

The ERA-NET scheme achieves the objective of developing and strengthening the coordination of national and regional research programmes through two specific actions:

  • 'ERA-NET actions' – providing a framework for actors implementing public research programmes to coordinate their activities, e.g. by developing joint activities or by mutually supporting joint calls for transnational proposals.
  • 'ERA-NET Plus actions' – providing, in a limited number of cases with high European added value, additional EU financial support to facilitate joint calls for proposals between national and/or regional programmes.

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