Knowledge Based Bio-Economy

A bioeconomy event with a Latin touch

A science-industry matchmaking event and workshop between Latin American, Caribbean (LAC) and European (EU) actors involved in the bioeconomy will take place on Friday 7 June 2013 in Antwerp, Belgium.

Speakers from the EU, Latin America and the Caribbean will present bioeconomy developments from their regions and discuss potential areas for cooperation. The event is being organised under the umbrella of the ALCUE-KBBE platform, and runs in parallel to the RRB-9 Conference on Renewable Resources and Biorefineries.

ALCUE-KBBE is an FP7 co-financed platform to facilitate cooperation between the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean with Europe on bioeconomy research. It brings together regional and continental-scale research-funding organisations to encourage the design and implementation of specific plans and projects – such as policy and scenario roadmaps and research consortia.

The platform is being managed by a consortium of seven Latin American and Caribbean partners and five EU organisations involved in R&D and the bioeconomy in their respective regions.

More information on the bioeconomy in Latin America and the Caribbean; and on the platforms’ activities and events, can be found on the project website.

See the ALCUE-KBBE website

The Science-Industry LAC-EU Matchmaking Event website and registration information