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Discover our new publication : The Ocean of Tomorrow projects (2010-2012)

We are very pleased to announce that the publication “The Ocean of Tomorrow Projects (2010-2012)” is now available in our e-library

The aim of this brochure is to present the 19 projects that have been selected under “The Ocean of Tomorrow” initiative (2010, 2011 and 2012). “The Ocean of Tomorrow” calls fall within the activities launched under FP7 to implement the “European Strategy for Marine and Maritime Research” COM (2008) 534 and to address marine sciences and technologies as a challenge that cut across themes. “The Ocean of Tomorrow” aims to foster multidisciplinary approaches and cross-fertilisation between various scientific disciplines and economic sectors on key cross-cutting marine and maritime challenges. Research projects funded under these calls bring together scientists, technology providers, industrial partners (including SMEs) and end-users.

“The Ocean of Tomorrow„ also links to the “Horizon 2020 proposal, which acknowledges the importance of cross-cutting approaches.